Monzo in Colombia Banco Colombia

I am currently travelling Colombia. I have used Banco Colombia a few times with no issues but recently on two separate occasions the atm machine hasn’t dispensed the money but it has been taken out of my account. The Monzo team haven’t been able to help. This happened to my friend too, but her bank was able to get the funds back. Can anyone advise how to get the money back? Has this happened to anyone else?

The money has or hasn’t been taken out of your account?

Nobody here can help. If Monzo can’t/won’t help, then raise a complaint.

Assuming you meant has been deducted from your balance, you’ll need to wait 7 days until the atm reconciles itself and corrects any balances paid or unpaid.

Waiting game for you unfortunately. Monzo don’t know you didn’t have the cash, the other bank took your friends word for it.