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Canada utilises the Canadian dollar ($)

Card usage

Card acceptance is widespread with chip & pin as well as contactless working flawlessly.


Be aware that although acceptance of the card at ATMs is fine, the fees (anywhere between CAD$2.50 - $3.50 per transaction) can add up. Try making larger withdrawals or stick to card transactions.

Payment and withdrawal limits

All Monzo cards have some payment and withdrawal limits. To check yours before you leave, go to your Profile section of the app and tap on Limits.

Crowdsourced merchant data

Data will most likely be scant so please try and contribute relevant feedback about transactions :slight_smile:


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:canada: Monzo in Canada [Discussion]
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Not sure how widespread this is, so decided to leave it as a comment and let others decide. Monzo worked flawlessly in Canada, but one retailer (Jean Coutu) required me to specify debit or credit before using Chip and Pin. Debit failed, but credit succeeded. I only have one data point though, so it could have been cashier error.



No, it is correct. Debit refers to their domestic debit card scheme. Credit refers to international debit cards and credit cards.


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Could you please add “debit vs credit” as a topic?

In Canada, there is a difference in paying between debit and credit cards - one is always asked to say if it is a debit card or a credit card when one pays by card. Although I think monzo would be a debit card, one actually has to say credit card here. Monzo has to be used as a credit card and this should be made clear.



Indeed. Debit is really Interac and Credit is (Visa, MC, Amex, DC etc.)

It has to be done this way as some Canadian debit cards are cobranded with Visa or MasterCard but only for use abroad (Or online), if you attempt to run a Canadian visa debit card over Visa in Canada, it’ll decline.


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Travelling to Canada in May. Would be interested to hear if there are any tips for travelling abroad with Monzo. Both my wife and I will be going with our personal accounts and our joint account, so assume the withdrawal limits are per card (we have three) rather than per account I’m named on.

I’m banking on taking money out across all three when needed.


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I don’t know about the cash withdrawal limits, but you’ll find that contactless and chip and pin are widespread in Canada. I used very little cash on a trip there last year.