Monzo in Australia

Free ATM cash withdrawal from ANZ bank

Can you elaborate on your post please.

Are you requesting that Monzo should allow free ATM withdrawals in Australia?

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I am in Australia and the only bank that does not charge for cash withdrawals using Monzo card is ANZ. Commonwealth bank charges 7.50 which is the most expensive of all the alternatives which range from 2.50 dollars upwards.

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If you update the Australian Wiki with your experience, that’s the best way to benefit other Monzo customers who are forum users:

Commonwealth has increased fees from AUD3.00 (reported in Jan 2020) to AUD7.50 in just over 2 years? Wow.

EDIT: Just re-read the Wiki thread and someone posted the AUD7.50 charge was applied in Feb 2020 - so in actual fact it may have gone up by 150% in one month. Double Wow.

Cashback not available using Monzo card at Aldi, Woolworth or Coles supermarkets. Only option is ANZ bank with no fees.

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