Monzo in Armenia?

Has anyone used their card in Armenia, specifically the capital Yerevan?

Looking at the card terms and this site, its hard to tell if the card is accepted there, so any help would be appreciated.


If a place accepts Mastercard, they accept Monzo.

Whilst you’re waiting for someone to reply whom has experience of using their card in Armenia, I found this post on TripAdvisor from three years ago which says:

In Yerevan, especially in downtown, most of the restaurants accept credit cards like Visa and Master, no matter which country’s bank there are issued. ATMs are also widespread. You are right assuming that Vernissage and local markets are cash only. Also when you travel to regions, outside Yerevan, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to pay by card. Armenia is still mostly cash-only country by that terms.

Also on the GOV.UK website:

British pounds may be less readily accepted outside Yerevan than US dollars or Euros. Most major credit cards and UK debit cards are accepted at stores and restaurants in Yerevan but far less so outside the capital. Prices for goods and services are sometimes quoted in US dollars, but by law payment must be made in Armenian Dram. There are many ATMs in Yerevan. They accept major credit cards and debit cards with the Maestro/Cirrus or Visa sign displayed on the card.

So in short, as they accept MasterCard, they should accept payments through Monzo.

MasterCards are issued by banks in Armenia, so if MasterCard exists, the your Monzo card can be used.

Acceptance may be patchy outside of cities, though.