Monzo in 10 years, what will it be like?

With ever changing technology, smartphones in 10 years might not be phones anymore - watches? Glasses? Personal assistant in a chip in your ear? Something we can’t imagine yet? It got me wondering what Monzo would be like on this new tech. How would we bank if the screen has gone? Would we talk to Monzo, asking for ‘actions’ or would touch interface be replaced with gestures using our hands? What are your thoughts?

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Badger Pay


I really don’t see screens going away any time soon; even with the most perfect voice UI available (aka powered by a human) there’s still no way to convey as much information as you can with a screen.


In the series Altered Carbon payments were made using only a thumbprint. I can see that being a thing in the future.

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It’s not far away.


This is literally what I was going to write about. After all we have NFC technology around and all it takes is a wee chip in your forearm

Or maybe even a “hot chip” in your arm…

See what I did there…

Thank you thank you…



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A chip in your arm or thumb though would be Ok for making payment but how would you interact with Monzo the bank? Perhaps a screen of some sorts is here to stay for a long time yet

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You’d have an app in your phone. The chip could really work like Curve, where you have an app with 5-10 bank accounts and cards and you choose and change the default one

edit to add: Also a chip in your thumb? that must be excruciatingly painful, not to mention that it’d probably destroy your thumbprint. A more futuristic version would be payments with your thumbs (like mentioned before: altered carbon) but such a database would probably make it very unfeasible (for data privacy concerns)

Also, the majority of time I don’t have a useable thumbprint so wouldn’t work for lots of people! I can’t use finger print readers on phones at all!

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Good point. Maybe thumb theft would become a thing :confounded:

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What about contact lenses with screens? How would Monzo work then … what happens if the tech that’s adopted in the future doesn’t allow for banks as apps to function like they do now. What will they look like and how would they work :exploding_head:

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My chat made the August update email :grimacing:



This reminds me of Space 1999 - totally overestimating the speed of development.

In 10 years it will highly likely be an app and a card.

Maybe in 100 years some of this stuff will be true.


Yes I thought this thread was going to be about Monzo rather than hardware. I would guess that Monzo will look at the following:

  1. Seamless switching of everything in the marketplace from energy to mortgages.
  2. The best credit card in the UK.
  3. 95% of support chat done reliably by bots.
  4. Full integration with bill providers (think OneDox).
  5. All the functionality of Moneyhub and more.
  6. Transport integrations (one-click claim for forgotten touch-ins, or delays).
  7. Storage of all loyalty schemes on the card.
  8. Instant new card number for lost or stolen cards - possibly even same day delivery of new card.
  9. Presence in all English-speaking countries.
  10. Based on a Monzo campus!

Just a few ideas… :wink:


Better payee management? :crossed_fingers:

Or too soon? :grin:


Great suggestions, can’t wait for my badger…

What I would really like to see is for Monzo to continue implementing on the vision of empowering users through open data and integration.

This means using transaction data on an individual level and on aggregate to help us, the users to make intelligent financial decisions. It would be great to see reports letting us know how we are doing, what insights are being learned, and what they mean for us, the users. What the big banks aren’t giving us. Real-time insights would also be great. Integrated financial education is another option.

A complete picture of cash-flows is part of this. I could see Monzo helping us keep tabs on our investments and our support of causes such as artists and charities…

Monzo is also all about community: the network effect. Some innovative options could be to support group purchasing (transaction could even be automated, triggering once filled. big in China), money pooling for things like a social events (transparency for everyone, one “fund” manager, rebates on under-spend), or community micro-finance loans. Make the advantages of being a Monzo user magnify as we grow and attract more users.

Some features I would be excited for:

  1. user insights report

  2. financial education - (point towards resources, integrate learning into daily spend/notifications)

  3. machine learning spend forecast - (perhaps requires calendar integration)

  4. cause & investment tracking - (artists, charities, any investments with API)

  5. loyalty integrations - (integrated with card or app payment)

  6. automatic classification - (aka. pay coffee from “coffee” pot)

  7. nudge behavior adjustment - (user specified: less coffee)

  8. group buying

  9. money pooling

  10. community micro-finance

  11. transaction-fee tracking - (how much am I paying for my money? perhaps a report)

You guys at Monzo have a great team, an inspiring vision, and tremendous execution so far. Very excited to see where this goes, I’m sure there will be surprises along the way. If you’d like to talk more just reach me by email.



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