Monzo Ignoring tweets

have tweeted monzo support about re-opening an account, they told me to send them another message today, i have done.
However they seem to be ignoring the tweets/dms , answering tweets which have been sent within in the last hour, yet ignoring any ive sent and the DM, i cant even get through to them on the phone!!!

I doubt they’re ignoring you.

The social media team probably can’t reopen accounts so will have passed the message on. Give them time and I’m sure that they will be in touch soon :slight_smile:

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You will need to email to re-open an account. You will also have to wait 30 days from the date you closed the account.

This is assuming that you closed the account yourself, and that it wasn’t Monzo who closed the account.

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Hi! I’ve pinged the social media team, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Could you give me your Twitter username please? (either publicly or DM)

Il send a DM now and yes closed it myself
,appreciate the replies

Although and this could be me just being thick but i cant see how to send DM’s on here!

It’s a trust level issue. Once you’ve read a few topics, made some posts and given/received some likes, your level increases and you get more features on your account.

Here are the details;
You need to get to Level 1 to be able the send DM’s - instructions on how to get there are in the discourse blog post.

@SimonB may have to DM you with an alternative way to get your twitter username.

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already done :grinning:


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