Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

But get paid early is? :eyes:


That was a fun twist :joy:

@davidwalton has already pointed out that Paid Early was unaffected :hot_coral_heart:

Was just clarifying @SouthseaOne’s question :rocket:


:tada:Version 3.28.1 teardown (when compared to 3.28.0):tada:

New/deleted strings; None
New/deleted public; None
New/deleted id’s; None
Amended assets; Only one file, a minor change to 'ic_product_information.png;


:oncoming_police_car::policeman::policewoman: AKA: Move along - nothing to see here.


Has Monzo gone into hibernation? :pensive:

I think they’ve been focussing on other things, or things that haven’t made it into the main app yet. For example probably building up functionality around the overdraft capping or requirements of the FCA.

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I’m guessing this is an incremental bug fix release with one or two simple changes.

Without updating versions, Hiding/Sorting pots appeared in labs again late yesterday while on 3.28.0, so there is some server-side tinkering going on still!

Version 3.29.0;

Strings - NEW;

<string name="ach_push_to_label">To</string>
<string name="add_money_option_easy_transfer_desc">Make an easy transfer from another account.</string>
<string name="add_money_option_easy_transfer_subtitle">Instant and free</string>
<string name="add_money_option_easy_transfer_title">Easy transfer</string>
<string name="banned_user_warning_body">"This means your card won’t work. You won’t be able to make payments or transfers, or receive any money. Any scheduled payments or direct debits won’t go through. We know this is frustrating. But as a regulated bank, we sometimes have to freeze accounts while we investigate what’s happened. We’ll notify you when we re-enable your account. Just make sure you’ve got notifications turned on for Monzo in your settings."</string>
<string name="banned_user_warning_dialog_message">We’ll let you know when there’s an update</string>
<string name="banned_user_warning_notify_button">Notify Me</string>
<string name="banned_user_warning_title">We’ve temporarily disabled some features on your account</string>

<string name="legal_documents_title">Legal documents</string>

<string name="manual_repayment_repayments_pay_button_text">Pay back %s</string>

<string name="open_banking_callback_error_title">Something went wrong</string>

<string name="open_banking_single_immediate_payment_button">Done</string>
<string name="open_banking_single_immediate_payment_info_body">Your money should arrive instantly but can take up to 24 hours.</string>
<string name="open_banking_single_immediate_payment_info_group_heading">Payment information</string>
<string name="open_banking_single_immediate_payment_info_heading">Your payment request from %s was successful</string>
<string name="open_banking_single_immediate_payment_info_item_amount">Amount</string>
<string name="open_banking_single_immediate_payment_info_item_from">From</string>
<string name="open_banking_single_immediate_payment_info_item_ref">Reference</string>
<string name="open_banking_single_immediate_payment_info_item_to">To</string>

<string name="payment_confirmation_ach_pull_explanation" />

<string name="payment_initiation_add_money_button">Approve and continue</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_add_money_button_header">We’ll securely connect you to %s to approve this transfer.</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_add_money_dest">To:</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_add_money_multiple_owners_separator">and</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_add_money_source">From:</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_add_money_subtitle">Balance %s</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_add_money_title">Add money</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_prepare_for_external_bank_flow_title">Connecting to your bank…</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_prepare_for_external_flow_message">We’re connecting you to %s to approve this transfer.</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_select_bank_other">Other</string>

<string name="payments_title_ach_push">Send to bank account</string>

<string name="settings_business_account_type_pattern">Monzo Business %s</string>

<string name="unbanned_user_body">"You can now make payments or transfers, and receive money, as normal. We know that it’s distressing when your account’s disabled, but sometimes we need to carry out some extra checks. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for any problems this caused."</string>
<string name="unbanned_user_dismiss_button">Back to home</string>
<string name="unbanned_user_title">We’ve re-enabled your account</string>

Strings - removed;

<string name="fraud_check_body">"\### Could someone be trying to scam you? It looks like you’re sending money to an account you haven’t paid before. Please make sure you know the person or company you’re paying. Phone them directly to double check. And always use a number from their official website. Only fraudsters will tell you to ignore warnings like this. If we need to call you we’ll always let you know in advance by email or in-app chat. We’ll never call you out of the blue. ### Common signs of a scam - The offer seems too good to be true, or doesn’t feel right. - Someone’s pressuring you into making an unexpected payment. Fraudsters often pretend to be companies like Monzo, the police or HMRC. - Someone’s contacted you unexpectedly and said your account is at risk, and that you need to send money to another account, or a ‘safe account’. - Someone’s asking you to take out a loan and send it to another account. They might say the account’s in your name, even though it isn’t.  ### If you’re unsure, stop  If you have any doubts, stop and [get advice]( from your bank, a family member or friend. You may lose your money if this payment turns out to be a scam."</string>
<string name="fraud_check_continue">Continue payment</string>
<string name="fraud_check_hint">Please read the advice to continue</string>
<string name="fraud_check_stop">Stop and go back</string>
<string name="fraud_check_title">Protect yourself against fraud</string>
<string name="fraud_confirm_checkbox">I understand and want to continue</string>

<string name="overdraft_apr_explanation_action_text">Learn More</string>
<string name="overdraft_apr_explanation_message">Due to new regulation we are now charging you an interest rate instead of 50p a day for the days you’re overdrawn.</string>
<string name="overdraft_apr_explanation_title">What is EAR/APR?</string>

<string name="overdraft_ear_migration_banner_subtitle">New pricing &amp; new limits. Review your options.</string>
<string name="overdraft_ear_migration_banner_title">%1$s Overdrafts are changing</string>

<string name="overdraft_explain_my_breakdown_button_title">Explain my breakdown</string>
<string name="overdraft_explain_my_breakdown_dialog_message">If you use your arranged overdraft, we charge a personal interest rate based on how much you use and for how long. If you’re in an unarranged overdraft, we charge 50p per day.</string>
<string name="overdraft_explain_my_breakdown_dialog_title">Explain my breakdown</string>

<string name="overdraft_fee_breakdown_daily_fee_item_subtitle">Based on %1$s</string>
<string name="overdraft_fee_breakdown_daily_fee_item_title">%1$s of fixed fees</string>
<string name="overdraft_fee_breakdown_interest_item_subtitle">At a rate of %1$s EAR/APR</string>
<string name="overdraft_fee_breakdown_interest_positive_title">Overdrawn for %1$s</string>
<string name="overdraft_fee_breakdown_interest_zero_title">Overdrawn for 0 days</string>
<string name="overdraft_fee_breakdown_title">Cost breakdown for %1$s</string>

<string name="overdraft_limit_a_day">%1$s a day</string>

<string name="overdraft_limit_nothing">Nothing</string>
<string name="overdraft_limit_per_day">%1$s per day</string>

<string name="overdraft_not_enabled_promotion_banner_subtitle">See if you’re eligible! Representative APR 29.0%</string>
<string name="overdraft_not_enabled_promotion_banner_title">%1$s Overdraft new limits &amp; pricing</string>

<string name="overdraft_pending_fee_daily_fee_overdrawn">You’re currently overdrawn by %1$s. If you’re overdrawn by more than %2$s when your recent transactions settle, we’ll charge you %3$s.</string>
<string name="overdraft_pending_fee_interest_overdrawn">We’ll charge you %1$s EAR only for the days you’re overdrawn.</string>
<string name="overdraft_pending_fee_not_overdrawn">You aren’t using your overdraft at the moment.</string>

Deep Links - removed;

<string name="deep_link_credit_tracker">credit_tracker</string>

ID’s - NEW;

<item type="id" name="addMoneyFromBankToolbar" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionEasyTransfer" />
<item type="id" name="amountLabelTextView" />

<item type="id" name="browseTabLayout" />

<item type="id" name="contentMyLocationButton" />

<item type="id" name="creditTrackerAppBarLayout" />
<item type="id" name="creditTrackerBannerImage" />
<item type="id" name="creditTrackerCollapsingToolbarLayout" />
<item type="id" name="creditTrackerHeaderDescription" />
<item type="id" name="creditTrackerHeaderTitle" />

<item type="id" name="destAvatarsView" />
<item type="id" name="destBarrierBottom" />
<item type="id" name="destBarrierTop" />
<item type="id" name="destDetailsTextView" />
<item type="id" name="destNameTextView" />
<item type="id" name="destPrepositionTextView" />

<item type="id" name="emptyBackground" />

<item type="id" name="headingTextView" />

<item type="id" name="keyTextView" />

<item type="id" name="legalsRecyclerView" />

<item type="id" name="loadingBackground" />

<item type="id" name="manualRepaymentAmountStepperView" />
<item type="id" name="manualRepaymentButtonStackContainer" />
<item type="id" name="manualRepaymentLoadingErrorView" />
<item type="id" name="manualRepaymentRecyclerView" />
<item type="id" name="manualRepaymentScrollView" />
<item type="id" name="manualRepaymentTextView" />
<item type="id" name="manualRepaymentToolbar" />

<item type="id" name="mapSpecialOffersViewPager" />

<item type="id" name="paymentButtonStackContainer" />
<item type="id" name="paymentConfirmationScrollView" />
<item type="id" name="paymentConfirmationToolbar" />
<item type="id" name="paymentExplanationTextView" />

<item type="id" name="prepositionBarrier" />

<item type="id" name="primaryTextView" />

<item type="id" name="referenceLabelTextView" />
<item type="id" name="referenceValueTextView" />

<item type="id" name="searchMyLocationButton" />

<item type="id" name="secondaryTextView" />

<item type="id" name="selectBankRecyclerView" />
<item type="id" name="selectBankTitle" />
<item type="id" name="selectBankToolbar" />

<item type="id" name="snackbarContainer" />

<item type="id" name="sourceAvatarsView" />

<item type="id" name="sourceBarrierBottom" />
<item type="id" name="sourceBarrierTop" />

<item type="id" name="sourceNameTextView" />
<item type="id" name="sourcePrepositionTextView" />

<item type="id" name="specialOffersListLayout" />

ID’s - removed;

<item type="id" name="albumBannerBackgroundImage" />
<item type="id" name="albumBannerCounter" />
<item type="id" name="albumBannerLeftImage" />
<item type="id" name="albumBannerSubtitle" />
<item type="id" name="albumBannerTitle" />

<item type="id" name="detailAmount" />
<item type="id" name="detailAmountSubtitle" />
<item type="id" name="detailImageView" />

<item type="id" name="detailSubtitle" />
<item type="id" name="detailTitle" />

<item type="id" name="fraudBody" />
<item type="id" name="fraudCheckCheckbox" />
<item type="id" name="fraudCheckboxContainer" />
<item type="id" name="fraudIllustration" />
<item type="id" name="fraudImage" />

<item type="id" name="fraudTitle" />
<item type="id" name="fraudToolbar" />

<item type="id" name="homeCardBannerBackgroundImage" />
<item type="id" name="homeCardBannerChevron" />
<item type="id" name="homeCardBannerContainer" />
<item type="id" name="homeCardBannerSubtitle" />
<item type="id" name="homeCardBannerTitle" />
<item type="id" name="homeCardBannerView" />

<item type="id" name="loanContentButton" />

<item type="id" name="loanContentStepper" />

<item type="id" name="potEdit" />

Assets - NEW;



Assets - Changed;


Assets - removed;


Looks like they were gearing up for Monzo Plus relaunxh (delayed) and the credit checker (not out, for some reason)

Definately paid-for services in there - but credit checker is launching to everyone & is rolling out gradually to all users by the end of April (or longer) apparently;

Good to see some addition of strings around the account being banned etc.

Version 3.30.0;

New Strings;

<string name="add_money_option_ach_deposit_desc">2–3 working days</string>
<string name="add_money_option_ach_deposit_title">Manual bank transfer</string>
<string name="add_money_option_ach_pull_desc">2–3 working days</string>

<string name="add_money_option_card_desc">Instant</string>
<string name="add_money_option_card_title">Debit card</string>
<string name="add_money_option_cash_desc">10 minutes and £1 fee</string>

<string name="add_money_option_cheque_desc">5–7 working days and free</string>

<string name="add_money_option_domestic_transfer_desc">Fast and free</string>
<string name="add_money_option_domestic_transfer_title">Manual transfer</string>
<string name="add_money_option_internal_transfer_desc">Fast and free</string>
<string name="add_money_option_internal_transfer_title">Move from another account</string>
<string name="add_money_option_open_banking_desc">Fast and free</string>
<string name="add_money_option_open_banking_title">Easy transfer</string>
<string name="add_money_option_salary_desc">Get paid into your Monzo account for better budgeting, automatic saving and more control of your money.</string>
<string name="add_money_option_salary_title">Add salary</string>

<string name="banned_help_article_section_five_body">"If we decide an account looks suspicious enough, we’ll freeze it. We’re not allowed to say why we’ve blocked an account. We know this can be very frustrating. But we’re not being deliberately difficult, it’s just the way the law works. And sadly it’s common for criminals to try and get into their accounts by putting pressure on us, and sometimes getting other people to join in too. This can be as simple as phoning up with a sob story or posting on our forum that their family can’t eat because of Monzo. This is all part of the job and unfortunately just something we have to deal with. But it means that you should always take these stories with a grain of salt. There are some false positives. Rarely, we’ll block an account that looks suspicious, but after investigating find there’s a perfectly reasonable (and legal) explanation for the activity. When this happens we unblock the account and apologise to our customer."</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_five_title">What happens next</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_four_body">"We can’t spell out every reason why we might block an account or explain the ways we detect fraud, otherwise criminals would figure out how to get around them. But we can give a broad description of times we might do it: • We spot unusual activity. There are some common signs that an account is being used for criminal activity like money laundering. To protect people’s money and to stop criminals using Monzo for illegal activities, we’ll freeze accounts when we suspect this is happening. • We identify a high-risk customer. Sometimes we’re told by other banks that a Monzo account has been linked to financial crime in their systems. So we’ll freeze the account on our side to investigate. • The police tell us to block an account. This can happen as part of financial crime investigation, and we’ll co-operate with any requests from law enforcement."</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_four_title">We also freeze accounts when we suspect criminal activity</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_one_body">"Finding out that your bank has blocked your account isn’t a great experience. And it’s obviously distressing if you know you’ve done nothing wrong. You might not understand the reasons why it’s happened, and feel powerless to put things right. But blocking accounts is something all banks have to do sometimes. It’s a topic we see coming up on online review sites, or our community forum. And we don’t want people to get the misleading impression that we’re always blocking accounts for no reason, or stealing anyone’s money. So we wanted to share some more information about why this (very rarely) happens, and what you can do."</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_one_title">Why we sometimes freeze or block Monzo accounts</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_six_body">"For example, money muling is a type of fraud where people are coerced to funnel illegal money through their accounts as a way to launder money. These people could stand to lose their entire life savings if banks didn’t do something to step in so there’s a difficult balancing act between stopping people from having access to their money and protecting them from criminals draining their account. So far in 2019 we have been able to return at least £605k to victims of financial crime. Banking is a highly regulated industry, and for good reason. Following the misconduct that’s led to global financial disaster in the past, and other banking scandals over the years, these laws exist to help keep your money safe."</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_six_title">Freezing accounts can save people from losing money</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_three_body">"If our fraud systems believe someone else may have access to your account, then they can freeze the account to protect your money. This happens very rarely - less than 1% of new logins are flagged as high risk. Once we’re happy that it’s definitely you, we’ll automatically unfreeze your account."</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_three_title">We freeze accounts when we think your money might be in danger</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_two_body">"We’re a regulated bank. That means as part of our banking license, we have to follow a lot of very specific rules and codes of conduct. Our regulators are the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (part of the Bank of England). These bodies keep us in check and make sure we’re following all the relevant laws. In particular, there are anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorism-financing rules. These mean we have obligations to act in certain ways when we detect or suspect Monzo accounts are being used for criminal activity. And that’s a good thing. It protects us from terrorists and money launderers, and protects you from crime."</string>
<string name="banned_help_article_section_two_title">Blocking accounts is a legal requirement</string>

<string name="biz_plans_downgrade_allowance_error_message">To change your account, other team members need to leave first. Please chat with us to do this.</string>
<string name="biz_plans_downgrade_allowance_error_title">You can only have one admin on Business Lite</string>

<string name="biz_plans_failure_chat_later">Chat later</string>
<string name="biz_plans_failure_message">Please chat with us as soon as possible so we can fix this for you.</string>
<string name="biz_plans_failure_title">We couldn’t change your account</string>

<string name="blocked_help_option_statements">Statements</string>

<string name="declined_card_expired">Your card’s expired</string>

<string name="docs_agreement_accept">Accept</string>
<string name="docs_agreement_next">Next</string>

<string name="exiting_user_body">"We have the right to do this as part of our terms and conditions. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information. Please give us details of another non-Monzo UK account so we can return any money in your Monzo account."</string>
<string name="exiting_user_title">We’ve decided to close your account</string>

<string name="magstripe_declined_feed_item_subtitle">To withdraw money in this country</string>
<string name="magstripe_declined_feed_item_title">Enable magstripe ATMs</string>

<string name="manual_repayment_description_back_on_track" formatted="false">You’ll be back on track.&lt;br /> You’ll have &lt;b>%s&lt;/b> left to pay.&lt;br />Your new account balance will be &lt;b>%s&lt;/b>.</string>
<string name="manual_repayment_description_extra_repayment">You’ll have &lt;b>%s&lt;/b> left to pay.&lt;br />We’ll reduce the rest of your payments each month.</string>
<string name="manual_repayment_description_extra_repayment_defaulted">You’ll have &lt;b>%s&lt;/b> left to pay. &lt;br />&lt;br />You’ll still need to pay the remaining balance when you can. &lt;br />&lt;br />Please chat with us if you’d like help setting up a more manageable plan that suits you.</string>
<string name="manual_repayment_description_other" formatted="false">You’ll have &lt;b>%s&lt;/b> left to pay.&lt;br />Your new account balance will be &lt;b>%s&lt;/b>.</string>
<string name="manual_repayment_description_pay_in_full_defaulted">" Paying back your remaining balance should help improve your credit score. But please only do this if it won’t put you under financial strain. "<br></br><br></br>"If you’d like more help, you can chat with us anytime. "</string>
<string name="manual_repayment_description_still_behind" formatted="false">You’ll be &lt;b>%s&lt;/b> behind your payment schedule.&lt;br />You’ll have &lt;b>%s&lt;/b> left to pay.&lt;br />Your new account balance will be &lt;b>%s&lt;/b>.</string>

<string name="payment_initiation_select_bank_disabled_bank_button">Add manually</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_select_bank_disabled_bank_description">Please use a manual bank transfer to add money to Monzo instead.</string>
<string name="payment_initiation_select_bank_disabled_bank_title">This bank’s experiencing issues</string>

<string name="pot_close">Close Pot</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_action_cancel">Cancel</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_action_close">Close Pot</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_action_keep">Keep Pot</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_bills_and_charity_message">We’ll move %1$s back into your main balance and pay any bills from there too. We’ll stop donations to %2$s.</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_bills_message">We’ll move %s back into your main balance and pay bills from there too.</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_charity_message">We’ll move %1$s back into your main balance and stop donations to %2$s.</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_dialog_title">Close %s?</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_interstitial_title">Close %s</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_message">We’ll move %s back into your main balance.</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_recurring_and_bills_message">We’ll move %s back into your main balance and pay any bills from there too. We’ll cancel scheduled recurring payments.</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_recurring_and_charity_message">We’ll move %1$s back into your main balance and stop donations to %2$s. We’ll cancel scheduled recurring payments.</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_recurring_bills_and_charity_message">We’ll move %1$s back into your main balance and pay any bills from there too. We’ll cancel scheduled recurring payments and donations to %2$s.</string>
<string name="pot_close_confirmation_recurring_message">We’ll move %s back into your main balance and stop scheduled payments being made from or to the Pot.</string>
<string name="pot_close_savings_confirmation_message">We’ll move %s back into your available balance by 5pm the next working day.</string>
<string name="pot_close_savings_confirmation_recurring_message">We’ll move %s back into your available balance by 5pm the next working day and cancel any scheduled recurring payments.</string>
<string name="pot_close_tax_confirmation_bills_message">We’ll move %s back into your main balance and pay bills from there too. We’ll stop setting a percentage of your income aside for tax.</string>
<string name="pot_close_tax_confirmation_message">We’ll move %s back into your main balance and stop setting a percentage of your income aside for tax.</string>
<string name="pot_close_tax_confirmation_recurring_and_bills_message">We’ll move %s back into your main balance and pay bills from there too. We’ll stop setting a percentage of your income aside for tax and cancel scheduled recurring payments.</string>
<string name="pot_close_tax_confirmation_recurring_message">We’ll move %s back into your main balance and stop setting a percentage of your income aside for tax. We’ll cancel scheduled recurring payments.</string>

<string name="pot_header_title_debit_savings_format">Withdrawn from your Savings Pot with %s</string>

<string name="pot_info_summary_of_terms">Summary of terms</string>

<string name="pot_transaction_delayed_withdrawal_section_clock_item">You get the money the next working day because it’s held with %s. It takes a bit of time for us to get it from them.</string>
<string name="pot_transaction_delayed_withdrawal_section_info_item">We’ll move %s back into your main balance by 5pm the next working day (that excludes bank holidays and weekends).</string>
<string name="pot_transaction_delayed_withdrawal_section_title">More information</string>

<string name="statements_interest_statement">Interest statement</string>
<string name="statements_statement_history">Statement history</string>
<string name="statements_statement_of_fees">Statement of fees</string>
<string name="statements_title">Statements</string>

<string name="transaction_pot_extra_information_debit_savings_delay">Withdrawn from your Savings Pot with %s. Arriving back in your account by 5pm the next working day.</string>

Removed Strings;

<string name="add_money_option_ach_pull_desc">Link your bank and transfer within the Monzo app.</string>

<string name="add_money_option_bank_transfer_desc">Make a bank transfer from another account using your Monzo bank details.</string>
<string name="add_money_option_bank_transfer_subtitle">Instant and free</string>
<string name="add_money_option_bank_transfer_title">Bank transfer</string>
<string name="add_money_option_cash_desc">Visit your nearest PayPoint location to pay in cash deposits.</string>
<string name="add_money_option_cash_subtitle">10 minutes + £1.00 fee</string>

<string name="add_money_option_cheque_desc">Pop your cheque in an envelope and send it to Monzo. No need for a stamp!</string>
<string name="add_money_option_cheque_subtitle">5–7 working days and free</string>

<string name="add_money_option_debit_card_desc">Use a debit card to add money quickly in the app</string>
<string name="add_money_option_debit_card_subtitle">Instant</string>
<string name="add_money_option_debit_card_title">Debit card</string>
<string name="add_money_option_direct_deposit_desc">Make a bank transfer from another account using your Monzo account details.</string>
<string name="add_money_option_direct_deposit_subtitle">3–7 working days</string>
<string name="add_money_option_direct_deposit_title">Bank transfer</string>
<string name="add_money_option_easy_transfer_desc">Make an easy transfer from another account.</string>
<string name="add_money_option_easy_transfer_subtitle">Instant and free</string>
<string name="add_money_option_easy_transfer_title">Easy transfer</string>
<string name="add_money_option_internal_transfer_desc">Move money between your Monzo accounts.</string>
<string name="add_money_option_internal_transfer_subtitle">Instant and free</string>
<string name="add_money_option_internal_transfer_title">Move money</string>
<string name="add_money_option_salary_desc">Get paid into your Monzo account for better budgeting and no more fuss with adding money.</string>
<string name="add_money_option_salary_title">Salary</string>
<string name="add_money_options_title">How would you like to add money to your account?</string>

<string name="biz_plans_downgrade_error_get_in_touch_message">Sorry there was a problem, please get in touch via Chat.</string>

<string name="pot_action_close">Close</string>
<string name="pot_action_delete">Delete</string>

<string name="pot_delete_confirmation_bills_recurring_message">This Pot has scheduled recurring payments coming from it. If you delete it, we’ll put all the money (%1$s) back in your main balance and delete the Pot. Your scheduled payments will then come from your main balance instead.</string>
<string name="pot_delete_confirmation_charity_message">"We’ll delete your (%1$s) Pot and move all the money (%2$s) back into your account. This will stop all donations to %3$s."</string>
<string name="pot_delete_confirmation_message">All the money (%1$s) in your Pot will be moved back into your available balance and %2$s will be deleted.</string>
<string name="pot_delete_confirmation_recurring_message">"This Pot has scheduled recurring payments, which will be cancelled if you delete the Pot."</string>
<string name="pot_delete_confirmation_title">Delete %s?</string>
<string name="pot_deleted">%s (Deleted)</string>

New Public Types;

<public type="layout" name="view_recent_payee" id="0x7f0d055e" />
<public type="layout" name="view_saved_card" id="0x7f0d055f" />
<public type="layout" name="view_schedule_repayment_day_picker" id="0x7f0d0560" />
<public type="layout" name="view_search_card" id="0x7f0d0561" />
<public type="layout" name="view_settled_tabs_item" id="0x7f0d0562" />
<public type="layout" name="view_tax_residency_number" id="0x7f0d0563" />
<public type="layout" name="viewstub_snowfall" id="0x7f0d0564" />
<public type="layout" name="wallet_test_layout" id="0x7f0d0565" />
<public type="layout" name="widget_title" id="0x7f0d0566" />

<public type="menu" name="upgrade_session_pin" id="0x7f0e0050" />

<public type="string" name="welcome_monzo_joint_body" id="0x7f121551" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_monzo_joint_set_up_standing_order_button" id="0x7f121552" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_monzo_joint_title" id="0x7f121553" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_monzo_joint_transfer_money_button" id="0x7f121554" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_monzo_not_now" id="0x7f121555" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_monzo_show_me" id="0x7f121556" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_monzo_sort_code" id="0x7f121557" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_monzo_title" id="0x7f121558" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_app_message" id="0x7f121559" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_app_title" id="0x7f12155a" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_begin_setup" id="0x7f12155b" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_card_message" id="0x7f12155c" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_card_title" id="0x7f12155d" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_continue" id="0x7f12155e" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_create_account" id="0x7f12155f" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_find_out_more" id="0x7f121560" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_log_in" id="0x7f121561" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_preface_message" id="0x7f121562" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_preface_title" id="0x7f121563" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_signup" id="0x7f121564" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_what_you_get_feature1" id="0x7f121565" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_what_you_get_feature2" id="0x7f121566" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_what_you_get_feature3" id="0x7f121567" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_what_you_get_feature3_caveat" id="0x7f121568" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_what_you_get_feature4" id="0x7f121569" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_what_you_get_feature5" id="0x7f12156a" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_onboarding_what_you_get_title" id="0x7f12156b" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_tagline_1" id="0x7f12156c" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_tagline_2" id="0x7f12156d" />
<public type="string" name="welcome_tagline_3" id="0x7f12156e" />
<public type="string" name="what_is_wrong" id="0x7f12156f" />
<public type="string" name="which_card_dialog_message" id="0x7f121570" />
<public type="string" name="which_card_dialog_title" id="0x7f121571" />
<public type="string" name="white" id="0x7f121572" />
<public type="string" name="withdrawal_history_average" id="0x7f121573" />
<public type="string" name="withdrawal_history_number_of" id="0x7f121574" />
<public type="string" name="withdrawal_history_title" id="0x7f121575" />
<public type="string" name="withdrawal_history_total" id="0x7f121576" />
<public type="string" name="yellow" id="0x7f121577" />
<public type="string" name="you_current_user" id="0x7f121578" />
<public type="string" name="your_monzo_locked_dialog_title" id="0x7f121579" />
<public type="string" name="your_monzo_subtitle" id="0x7f12157a" />
<public type="string" name="your_monzo_title" id="0x7f12157b" />
<public type="string" name="zero_balance_pots_promotion_button" id="0x7f12157c" />
<public type="string" name="zero_balance_pots_promotion_message" id="0x7f12157d" />
<public type="string" name="zero_balance_pots_promotion_title" id="0x7f12157e" />
<public type="string" name="zip_helper" id="0x7f12157f" />

New ID’s;

<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionRegularDescriptionTextView" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionRegularImageView" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionRegularTitleTextView" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionSpecialDescriptionTextView" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionSpecialImageView" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionSpecialTitleTextView" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionsRecyclerView" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionsSpecialBarrier" />

<item type="id" name="bankDetailView" />

<item type="id" name="closePotBody" />
<item type="id" name="closePotCardView" />
<item type="id" name="closePotTitle" />
<item type="id" name="closePotToolbar" />

<item type="id" name="confirmationFragmentAnimation" />

<item type="id" name="docsButtonStack" />

<item type="id" name="infoTextToolbar" />

<item type="id" name="selectBankHelp" />

<item type="id" name="singleSelectGroup" />

<item type="id" name="statementsRecyclerView" />

Removed ID’s;

<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionAchPull" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionCash" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionCheques" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionDebitCard" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionDirectDeposit" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionEasyTransfer" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionInternalTransfer" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionSalary" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionSalaryBottomDivider" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionSalaryTopDivider" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyOptionUkBankTransfer" />

New Assets;


Changed Assets;



Good to see them adding more information around savings pots withdrawals being delayed etc and only reaching your account before 5pm.

Felt like that whole side of things needed more foolproofing to pre-answer the silly questions.

Finally! A Category just for Bananas!


I found where the ‘warning_sign_red’ image is used - the payment warning screen has been beefed up;


ive had that screen for a couple of weeks now

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I’ve just received the email from Monzo, outlining fraud, scams & recent changes. Most of which is on the recent blog;


Is blocking merchants new, of someone already found it?

To block your spending somewhere, open a payment to somewhere you want to block and scroll to the bottom."</string>
<string name="merchant_block_toolbar_title">Blocked merchants</string>
<string name="merchant_block_unblock_description">"You’ll be able to spend with this merchant again. Remember your reason for blocking them:

Some plus stuff since last time I looked:
To block your spending somewhere, open a payment to somewhere you want to block and scroll to the bottom."</string>
<string name="merchant_block_toolbar_title">Blocked merchants</string>
<string name="merchant_block_unblock_description">"You’ll be able to spend with this merchant again. Remember your reason for blocking them:

<string name="tx_details_downgrade_custom_category_message">‘%s’ isn’t available because you don’t have custom categories anymore.</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_custom_category_title">Custom categories unavailable</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_custom_split_category_message">Can’t edit categories because you don’t have the option to apply multiple or custom categories to a transaction anymore.</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_custom_split_category_title">Multiple or custom categories unavailable</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_split_category_message">Can’t edit categories because you can’t divide a payment into multiple categories anymore.</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_split_category_title">Multiple categories unavailable</string>
<string name="tx_details_error_category_cancel">Cancel</string>
<string name="tx_details_error_category_one_zero_action">Pick new category</string>
<string name="tx_details_paid_category_subtitle">Create or pick multiple categories</string>

<string name="txui_paid_cancellation_fee_subtitle">Cancellation fee</string>
<string name="txui_paid_initial_debit_subtitle">Welcome to the club %s</string>
<string name="txui_paid_legacy_plus_upgrade_subtitle">Thanks for being an early adopter</string>
<string name="txui_paid_refund_subtitle">Refund</string>

<string name="vc_confirm_delete_description">Deleting this virtual card could affect online payments or subscriptions.</string>
<string name="vc_create_card_details_label">Card name</string>
<string name="vc_create_card_name_hint">e.g. Subscriptions</string>
<string name="vc_create_money_source_footer">When you use these card details, the money will come from this account.</string>
<string name="vc_details_card_details_billing_address_label">Billing address</string>
<string name="vc_details_card_details_footer">You can check these again at any time by tapping show details</string>


I think it was going to be included in Monzo Plus?

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Blocked Merchants appeared in v3.24.0

I’m not paying the most attention in this thread but that’s the first time I’ve seen reference to some of those.

Confirms Split categories will be Plus only (not sure if that was known or just assumed before).

Looking forward to virtual cards too, I wonder if they will also pair with a VC Pot?