Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

I’ve had to turn my auth settings on like 10 times over the past few months. For some reason they just flick back to an off state every now and then, very weird.

:tada: NEW – Version: 3.4.0 :tada:

Disclaimer: things below are subject to change, could just be tests or might be reverted!

Feature flags are often toggled midweek or may be rolled out slowly.

New Assets:

sweet%201 sweet%202

sweet%203 sweet%204

ic_cant_pay_from_pot – ic_cant_pay_from_pot

ic_edit_loan – ic_edit_loan


<string name="pay_from_pot_unsupported_message">We can’t pay this from a Pot because it’s a card payment. This means we don’t know exactly when %1$s will charge you, or how much it’ll be.</string>
<string name="pay_from_pot_unsupported_title">Can’t add %1$s</string>
<string name="payments_details_pay_from_pot_unsupported_subtitle">You can’t pay card payments from a Pot</string>
<string name="payments_details_pay_from_pot_unsupported_title">You can’t pay this from a Pot</string>


<boolean name="loan_customization_enabled" value="false" />
<string name="loan_image_bottom_sheet_title">How would you like to pick your Loan image?</string>
<string name="loan_image_choose_photo_button_text">Choose from library</string>
<string name="loan_image_choose_photo_title">Choose Source</string>
<string name="loan_image_read_external_storage_permission_refused">Please try again, and give Monzo storage permissions to take your picture from where it’s stored</string>
<string name="loan_name_hint">Loan name</string>
<string name="overdraft_intro_apr_dialog_message">To help you compare the cost of our overdraft with other overdrafts or credit products, our representative APR is %s.</string>
<string name="overdraft_intro_apr_dialog_title">How does our overdraft compare?</string>
<string name="overdraft_intro_point_four">Representative APR %s</string>
<string name="overdraft_intro_point_four_action">How does our overdraft compare?</string>


<boolean name="csat_v2" value="false" />
<string name="chat_suggested_articles_encoder_v2">enabled</string> [experiment]
<string name="csat_alright">Just alright</string>
<string name="csat_amazing">Amazing</string>
<string name="csat_feedback_hint">Leave feedback (optional)</string>
<string name="csat_feedback_send">Send feedback</string>
<string name="csat_feedback_title">Can you tell us more about your experience?</string>
<string name="csat_great">Great</string>
<string name="csat_not_helpful">Bad</string>
<string name="csat_subtitle">How was your recent chat with us? You can tell us more in the next step, if you want to.</string>
<string name="csat_terrible">Terrible</string>
<string name="csat_title">Rate your chat</string>
<string name="suggested_answers_v2">disabled</string> [experiment]


<boolean name="hide_home_budgeting_widget_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="summary_weekly_periods_enabled" value="false" />
<string name="breakdown_report_feed_subtitle">View a summary of your recent spending</string>
<string name="breakdown_report_feed_title">Spending report</string> [references to monthly have been removed here]
<string name="custom_period_confirmation_title_weekly">Every week on %1$s</string>
<string name="custom_period_desc_weekly">Your summary will reset every week on %1$s</string>
<string name="custom_period_interval_weekly">Week</string>


<string name="business_multiuser_contact_picker_body">They need to have a Monzo personal account and be a contact in your phone.</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_contact_picker_confirm_message">They’ll have full access to this business account. We’ll also share your name and profile photo with them so they know the invite’s from you.</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_contact_picker_confirm_positive_button">Add</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_contact_picker_confirm_title">Add %s?</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_contact_picker_help_message">Ensure that both of you have enabled the \"Payments with friends\" feature in Settings and contacts permission is enabled for Monzo.</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_contact_picker_toolbar_title">Add Team Member</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_questions_answer">Answer</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_questions_director_answer_no">No</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_questions_director_answer_yes">Yes</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_questions_director_question">Are they a director?</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_questions_role_question">What’s their role?</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_questions_title">We need to know a bit more about %s</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_role_accountant">Accountant</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_role_employee">Employee</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_role_other">Other</string>
<string name="business_multiuser_team_member_role_owner">Owner</string>


<boolean name="spending_block_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="spooky_paid_early_enabled" value="false" />
<string name="pay_early_sweet_to_pumpkin_instructions">Drag the sweet into the pumpkin</string>
<string name="pay_early_tap_pumpkin_instructions">Tap the pumpkin</string>
<boolean name="android_idv_updates_2019_10_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="statement_of_fees_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="joint_account_appears_first_in_list_enabled" value="false" />
<string name="account_statement_of_fees">Statement of fees</string>
<string name="account_statements_history">Statement history</string>
<string name="account_statements_title">Account statements</string>
<string name="idv_document_intro_body">Take a picture of your passport, driving licence, or national ID. We use this to check your information is correct.</string>
<string name="idv_document_intro_lower_limits_warning_message">You can open an account with your application registration card. But because it’s not considered as strong a proof of ID as a passport or driving licence, we’ll have to give you lower limits on things like payments and cash withdrawals. If you have another type of ID, like a passport, we recommend you use that instead.</string>
<string name="idv_document_intro_lower_limits_warning_negative_button">Continue with this ID</string>
<string name="idv_document_intro_lower_limits_warning_positive_button">I have another ID</string>
<string name="idv_document_intro_lower_limits_warning_title">Do you have any other ID?</string>
<string name="login_email_signup_disabled_message">"Sorry, you can’t open a Monzo account unless you’re on at least Android 6. You may be able to upgrade to this version, please go to Settings on your phone to see if a system update is available."</string>
<string name="login_email_signup_disabled_title">Create new account</string>
<string name="login_email_signup_settings_action">Settings</string>




<string name="got_it_thanks">Got it, thanks</string>

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I see Halloween things :grin:

Edit: actually there’s a hell of a lot in that update


I can’t find any pumpkins yet, I am rather dissapointed



These are cool

joint account bill switching, spending block, account with lower limits if not appropriate ID, hide budgeting widget, weekly pay periods…


Yep looks chunky and should tick off some much needed budgeting things.

Well done Monzo.

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Spooky pay early! Haha nice :ghost:

Will certainly make this 5 week month a little better :joy:


I feel like I’ve cheated myself out of a little surprise here, by reading this!