Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

I see Halloween things :grin:

Edit: actually there’s a hell of a lot in that update


I can’t find any pumpkins yet, I am rather dissapointed



These are cool

joint account bill switching, spending block, account with lower limits if not appropriate ID, hide budgeting widget, weekly pay periods…


Yep looks chunky and should tick off some much needed budgeting things.

Well done Monzo.

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Spooky pay early! Haha nice :ghost:

Will certainly make this 5 week month a little better :joy:


I feel like I’ve cheated myself out of a little surprise here, by reading this!


New beta has just dropped for Android …
I would like to say, as a partially sighted user, the update they have made to the view long card number option is greatly appreciated. Well done, amazing accessibility! :+1::nerd_face:


That’s a great feature!

Delving into 3.5.0 now… can’t find anything else new just yet.

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Viewing the PIN number also is easier too. Not sure if it’s just when you’ve got fingerprint enabled though

Doesn’t work for me at all. Just locks up on the fingerprint scanner bit.

I don’t see a difference here (Android 10, fingerprint auth enabled) - it looks the same as pre v3.5.0 but works OK for me on accessing via fingerprint auth.

IIRC the big change is under the hood to utilise the new HTTP/2 features they mentioned recently to speed up feed and pot updates

Just been giving 3.5.0 a test drive, and noticed the home button no longer flies through home / pots / Things you can do section, only takes me home now.
Wounder if this is something to do with the upcoming Pots Reordering function being implemented soon possibly.


Works for me but it’s stopped going to “things you can do” :tada:


Same here (:android:)

Oh thank goodness. That was the most annoying click in the app! :clap:

The app seems to open much quicker, in particular updating the transaction feed

My upcoming DD now shows the pot it’s being paid from which is a great!

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This thread seems to have gone quiet, just got 3.6.0 and surprised not to see any breakdown from last week.