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bizops being ‘business operations’?

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bizops = internal support tooling

Yeah, that answer got split out. My bad! :wink:


:tada: NEW – Version: 2.56.0 :tada:

Disclaimer: things below are subject to change, could just be tests or might be reverted!

Small changes this week.

Feature Flag Changes:


<boolean name="savings_issue_enabled_Charter_2019_07_04_Fixed" value="true" />
<boolean name="us_force_3ds_for_topup" value="true" />
<boolean name="savings_issue_enabled_Investec_2019_07_09_Fixed" value="true" />
<boolean name="bizops_hide_refresh_task_list_button" value="true" />
<boolean name="card_topups_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="loan_calculator_v3_ios_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="business_external_lending_enabled" value="true" />
<boolean name="monzo_points_cashback" value="false" />

Experimant Flag Changes:


<string name="add_salary_signup">disabled</string>

Asset Changes:


ic_profile_plus – ic_profile_plus
ic_profile_star – ic_profile_star
img_card_details_business – img_card_details_business

Notable String Changes:


<string name="business_external_lending_subtitle">See how much you can borrow</string>
<string name="business_external_lending_title">Business funding</string>
<string name="card_design_name_lagoon_blue_plus">Lagoon Blue - Plus</string>
<string name="card_design_name_midnight_sky_plus">Midnight Sky - Plus</string>
<string name="details_statements_history">Statement history</string>
<string name="details_statements_title">Account statements</string>
<string name="pay_early_done_share_action">Share this Animation</string>
<string name="pay_early_done_share_copy">I just got paid early with Monzo ��</string>
<string name="profile_plustomer">Monzo Plus user</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_quote_title">%1$s a month</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_quote_title_minimum_amount">From %1$s a month</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_quote_title_minimum_amount_with_months">From %1$s a month for %2$s months</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_quote_title_minimum_amount_with_years">From %1$s a year for %2$s years</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_quote_title_with_months">%1$s a month for %2$s months</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_quote_title_with_years">%1$s a year for %2$s years</string>

New Deep Links:


Both of these screens have been around for a while, now they have deep links.



Now that is a nice image

The Monzo Plus contents insurance deeplink now works, I don’t need any insurance, so I haven’t checked if it will actually succeed…

Here’s a sneak peak:


I mean, I don’t think it would succeed, given there’s no policy documentation and “in case smoke or fire damages your things” appears to be placeholder text for everything :joy:

Disappointing that this is under Monzo Plus. From clicking through the deeplink there doesn’t seem to be any discount compared to going direct - why can’t this be offered to all customers? I’ve been looking to switch my contents insurance to Urban Jungle anyway so would gladly let Monzo get some commission.


Because it costs money to offer, and Monzo are a business and need to make money. They can’t offer things like this for free, they’d be out of business.

Sure, there’s the time involved in building the integration with Urban Jungle, but other than that what cost is involved? The contents insurance is the exact same price as going direct - monzo state that themselves when you sign up. Only difference is that monzo get some unspecified amount of commission. Just not sure how anyone could really see this as a Monzo Plus perk.

That’s cost enough.

Wondering if there is a contractual limitation mind you, if they aren’t allowed to offer it for free to all customers? I guess Monzo have to sell ‘Plus’ to other business as much as they have to sell it to us.

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Which should be offset by the commission? It just seems slightly random that energy switching is free but the same priced contents insurance is a Plus benefit.

As a customer I don’t mind really - Urban Jungle make it easy enough to sign up on their own website so I’m not missing out too much. If it was discounted by say a £1 a month for Plus members then I can see the appeal.


Quotes are a little different for me. They’re slightly cheaper on plus but also have less cover.


Committed spending pot :boom:


<string name="payments_details_pay_from_pot_title">Set Payment from Pot</string>



:eyes: same thing


THIS IS HUGE :eyes::mondo:



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