Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Version: 2.42.0 :tada:


<string name="fixed_savings_pot_lock_description">Your Pot will be locked until this date to earn interest.</string>

Little tweak to pot unlocks when interest is involved :slight_smile:

<string name="inbox_message_dismiss">Clear</string>
<string name="inbox_message_overflow_content_description">More</string>

Some new inbox message prompts :eyes: guessing this might show up in Chat eventually?

<string name="generic_error_no_retry">Sorry, there was a problem.</string>

Can’t beat a generic error :joy:

<string name="int_transfer_overdraft_message">You can still move your money. But we’ll charge you for using your overdraft, even if you have money in another Monzo account.</string>
<string name="int_transfer_overdraft_positive">Move money</string>
<string name="int_transfer_overdraft_title">You’re entering your overdraft</string>

Additional Overdraft warning messages when you’re shuffling money around :slight_smile:

<string name="monzo_points_header">Points</string>
<string name="monzo_points_title">See what you’ve earned</string>

Ooo :eyes: Erm, points? :sweat_smile: I guess this is from monzo://your_monzo :thinking: should be fun! :smiley:

<string name="pot_class_subtitles_flexible_savings_non_isa_only">"Withdraw the next working day
For savings of %1$s or more
Earn up to %2$s interest"</string>

Rates & amounts for Non-ISA pots :slight_smile:

<string name="pot_photo_camera_app_not_found">Sorry, it doesn’t look like you have an app on your phone that lets you take a photo. Download one and try again!</string>
<string name="pot_photo_camera_permission_refused">Please try again, and give Monzo camera permissions to take a new Pot image</string>

<string name="pot_photo_choose_photo_title">Select source</string>
<string name="pot_photo_crop_failed">Sorry, that picture didn’t crop properly. Please re-take it to try again!</string>
<string name="pot_photo_read_external_storage_permission_refused">Please try again, and give Monzo storage permissions to take your picture from where it’s stored</string>

Custom. Pot. Photos. :open_mouth:


<string name="profile_premium_subscriptions_description_sign_up">Get even more from your Monzo experience</string>

Description for Monzo Premium :moneybag:

<string name="profile_update_email_pin_authentication">Enter your card’s 4 digit PIN to update your email address</string>

Looks like you need to enter your card’s PIN instead of using your fingerprint in order to update your email address (was previously possible with fingerprint alone).

Deep Links:

None to speak of this week :eyes:


New! :tada:

Instead of loads of separate images taking up space, Monzo have implemented overlays! :smiley: Much smaller .webp's which can be popped over a HotCoral rectangle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (switch to dark mode when viewing these, it looks a great deal better :sunglasses:

Little octopus for the energy referral screen :smiley:

Transparent background thing for pot image selection :sunglasses:

Feature Flags:

No feature_flags this week :sob: I’m still not rooted now that I’m on Android Q… There’s no way for me to access the super secret feature_flags file :frowning:

There’s another post to follow… Stay tuned :wink: