Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v1.25.0)

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Hey everyone!

Here’s the release notes for the Android app that’s rolling out this week. It’s a bit quiet, but it’s making way for some exciting things to come.

We’re like a beautiful swan this week. It might look like not much is happening on the surface, but we’re working hard out of sight to keep things moving forwards. So there’s a lot going on we’re not ready to tell you about… yet. You’ll have to make do with the usual sprucing up and bug swatting for now.


Please share your feedback below :heart:

Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v1.24.0)

Point 1 - #s and ‘Spending’/'Breakdown’
Spending breakdowns for #s in each category in monthly reports in ‘Spending’/‘Breakdown’ tab.

– # links are a good idea. However, it would be great to have a spending breakdown for #s, similar to how the category spending has been distinguished for “Expenses” in the pictures released for the new ‘Breakdown’ tab in image 1.

Image 1 - pre release images for new MONZO ‘Breakdown’ tab. Example of how #s spending breakdown could be implemented boxed in red.

– All the #s for a category would be displayed in descending order of most money spent. This could be made expandable on clicking, to reduce cluttering the UI, with only the costliest #s displayed. Could even include the percentage of category spending included in the #.

– View after clicking on a category in a monthly spending report could be updated from “TRANSACTIONS” & “MERCHANTS” to “TRANSACTIONS”, “MERCHANTS” & “TAGS” (or whatever name MONZO wants to give #s). The “TAGS” section would be similar to the “MERCHANTS” section shown in image 2 except displaying #s instead of merchants.

Image 2 - merchants display for a monthly spending report. Some transactions and figures have been blacked out.

– This would allow #s to essentially become custom categories, which is what I think was intended.

– NB: Not sure if this is already planned for the new “Breakdown” tab.

Point 2 - Searching for #s
– Can filter search for two hashtags (great!), but order of search matters.

– For example: If the Note for a transaction is “#alpha #beta”, the searching for “#beta #alpha” does not produces the transaction (searching for “#alpha #beta” does).

– Would be good if # order was irrelevant when searching (ie: “‘non-#ed text’ #alpha” gives same as “#alpha ‘non-#ed text’” and “#alpha #beta” gives same as “#beta #alpha”.

– NB: Search is case insensitive, which is also good.

Point 3 - General Searching
– I noticed this issue while I was searching back through my some of my transactions so I could label them with #s so I thought I’d put it here too.

– If you perform a search of your transactions from the main feed in the ‘Home’ tab, scroll down and select to desired transaction, click on the transaction’s ‘Notes’ section and then use the back arrow in the top left hand corner to take you back to the search, you are taken back to the beginning of the search instead of remaining at the current transaction like in the main feed. This happens even if you don’t change anything on the ‘Notes’ tab.

– It’s a small thing, but can become incredibly annoying when attempting to edit the notes on multiple transactions.

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Thanks @awjdean!

Here’s the new thread for 1.26.0:

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