Monzo favicon community website

In my browser bookmarks I just have favicons and I couldn’t see favicon for Monzo website.
Something wrong at my end ?


There’s definitely one for me. It’s the ‘M’ logo. This for Chrome. Windows and Android.

Which browser are you using?

Favicon appears for me on macOS using Safari

Edit: It looks like it should be working, they’re using the correct meta tag:

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="//">



Also works for me on Opera…

For Mac users try this, depending on version this should do it.

Safari > Safari Preferences > Tabs section> Show website icons in tabs.


I’m using Brave, I see favicon for other sites though.
Will try to find out whats wrong.


@littlefinger Do you have the bookmarks toolbar enabled? That might be the issue

I do, for other sites I don see favicons, initially I thought there is no favicon at all but problem is on my end.
Thank you.