Monzo community: dark theme

I figured it out! Had to do some weird theme component fiddling. All good now :slight_smile:

Not very likely right now, sorry. But happy to implement any community-suggested themes.


Ooh, I might have a read up on how they’re made and knock together a nice Monzo dark theme.


I’m much happier with this dark theme but I’m sure there’s someone on this community that can Monzify it a bit :nerd_face:

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I might give this a go this evening if nobody else has beaten me to it :grin:

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Thoughts? :grin:

It’s basically hot-coral accents with grey everywhere else :stuck_out_tongue:

The header font has been brightened up from an off-white to #FFFFFF and the like button is now hot-coral instead of pink :smiley:
That’s about it :see_no_evil: I couldn’t make a blue background look good :confused: But I’m no designer haha



Monzo app time sensitive dark theme too plz. :wink:

Honestly the contrast between the Hot Coral and the dark background hurts my eyes. I imagine the point of a dark theme is to reduce bright colours, right? In this case probably “Monzo Blue” would be better than Hot Coral.

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Thanks I’m loving this dark theme

The blue doesn’t match the grey IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what it looks like though :smiley:


Thanks for getting this done! :+1:

I would love a dark theme on the Monzo app but I understand it’s not a priority in the slightest

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Another reason why a dark theme with the app would be a nice feature:


Dark theme looks really good :ok_hand:


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When I turn on dark theme in setting the balance disappears for my main account and my Potts ?

This is the thread you need

But that does seem a very strange bug. Have you done the uninstall, restart and install dance?

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your sort code and account number are showing in the pictures id get rid of that part :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate i give it again

Have done so, cheers

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iOS device? Then:

Available for iOS 13 and above, needs dark system settings turned on and an app restart.

Really, really need a complete black backround theme in the app as others have said.

Black as a third theme option pretty please :dizzy:

This is the thread you need to vote in

Incredibly unlikely, but you never know.