Monzo availability in Europe 🇪🇺

Hi guys! Do you have any plans on launching in the EU, particularly in Germany? :flag_de: If yes, I would really appreciate it if you could give us some rough estimate on when we could expect you to expand to us. And is it going to happen before you get the banking licence?


Yes please!

I’m currently using number26, but would love to get the chance to use Mondo and compare which one works better.

Hey! No fixed plans yet although we would love to come to more places outside the UK :smiley:

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Hi Tristan. Has there been any updates on Monzo rolling out in Europe or internationally?

This is an old thread :hushed:

Media reports they’re looking at the US as their first expansion.

Hello Monzo Support Team.
Any reason not to come to other European countries?..some of your competitores are operating all over EU like revolut, monese and n26…we would like to have the chance to try your solution, that is said to be good!..

It will happen eventually but they have their eyes on other markets such as America first

I understood that, but going so far, when they have a huge market next door?..

A bigger market in the US, perhaps? Banking there is backwards so they can make a bigger impact compared to Europe.

They speak English, have a fairly similar culture, a large population and the current state of banking in the US is far worse than the big EU countries.

When I try to create an account, everything is well presented and works so fine that it seams to be the right solution…unfortunatly, it seams that i will have to wait !..:disappointed:

Unfortunately so, hopefully they come to Europe soon though!

I imagine the only blocker is time and their limited resources.