Monzo as an accounting bank (thinkmoney)

(Em Davies) #1

First off i love monzo! Just make that clear first.

Prior to monzo i was a faithful Thinkmoney customer i struggled for a few years making sure direct debits got paid and would have been lost without there account -as they dont charge you for payments bouncing etc…

If you dont know what thinkmoney is or does basically you have 2 accounts a card account and bills account you log in and set up standing orders tell them the names of direct debits etc that goes onto your bills account you tell them how much you are to be paid and when and they will allocate the money for bills and put any excess on your card. So you can spend freely knowing your bills will get paid … great idea! And i miss it…

ive been paranoid since i closed my thinkmoney account i know its like a money babysitter haha

I would love for monzo to put something in place to block money so i couldnt spend my bills money haha

Just a thought

(Izzy) #2

Have a look at squirrel… It does something like what you are describing

(Jack Donovan) #3

Just out of interest, are you currently using the IOS or Android version of the app?

I know that the IOS version currently has budgeting tools that would do exactly what you are describing, but it puts you in charge of your budgeting rather than paying a fee for somebody else to do this for you.

I currently use a program called YNAB for this. (You need a budget) and I have done for years. Being able to budget your bills and spending yourself is an amazing feeling & really puts you in control.

If you are currently using the Android version of the app, wait out a while. These features are coming to us soon! If you are using IOS, give budgeting a go. You might feel in more control than when you banked with Think Money. :sunglasses:


(Em Davies) #4

I have the android app

Budgeting would be brilliant! Ill keep an eye out for updates

Thank you

(Jack Donovan) #5

No problem at all :hugs:

I honestly thought my app was broken for ages, seeing all the posts about budgeting etc when i could only see what I had spent where, and how much :rofl:

I firmly believe that once this feature is implemented in to the Android app I will be able to move on from YNAB.

Glad to help.