Monzo approving a transaction I did not

I disputed a transaction on my account that i did not approve.After investigation by Monzo they insisted the transaction is something they could do nothing about. They told me the client made an error a year ago withdrawing g a lesser amount and they decided to take out the difference when I did another transaction with them.
What amazes me is, Monzo allowing a transaction I did not authorize to go through which was two days after the company had debited the initial amount of the present year and they decided not to let
Me know if the error while speaking to them and seek my consent .
I feel as if my Monzo account is not safe , because that means anyone can take out money from my account without consent and my bank does not see this as fraud .I wish I can actually speak to a life representative, because their app is not help friendly at all.

If you owe a company money it goes need to be paid.

Monzo aren’t involved with this, you’d need to take it up with the merchant as they sent the request.

Merchant has a balance to be repaid, and also whatever it is you paid for this time around, thus collected it in one go.

Probably best to keep check on your bills to make sure you’re not falling behind.

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How do Monzo know this?

Two days or a year?

When did you make the initial transaction? You say a year and then two days, very different situations.

Do you mean the initial transaction was a year ago and 2 days ago you also made a transaction which included the missing amount from the original?

This :point_up:

You did approve the company to take the money. The fact that they didn’t take it all in one go is moot. You authorised the full amount.

It seems that your grievance is that you thought you’d got away with paying less than you owed, and now they’ve taken the remaining amount you’re angry? This isn’t Monzo you should be complaining to, they’re doing as you instructed them with the initial transaction - complain to the merchant about the delay.

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You owe a company money. And you gave the company your card details. And they took the money. Not in one transaction sure, but still, they are taking money you owe them with card details you gave them.

Obviously that’s not ‘fraud’.

Sure, if you use one of their services and then give your Monzo card details to pay for that service, they can take money out of your account.


Looks like:

A year ago - underpaid/under charged for a service

Recently decided to purchase from merchant again - updated card details; paid X for services wanted this year

2 days after the second purchase - company has stored card details and realises underpayment owed and charges them against stored card details

While you can argue it’s underhanded from the merchant (solely if they never mentioned underpayment a year ago, or informed customer at the time of the additional charge this time around), it’s not fraud, just unfortunate.

Surprised the merchant never tried to chase within the last year; unless you chose to ignore their requests and they’ve finally got their money because you made another purchase.


The OP committed fraud if they knowingly paid less than what was owed :eyes:

Tbh I’m a little lost how a company could accept a payment less than they are owed, unless it was a manual payment either side.


Amazingly I did not even realize they undercharged me until Monzo told me, they never sent me a mail informing me of that .I got to know they under charged me through the Monzo representative that chatted with me.I am just surprised anyone can take money from my account without my authorization and prior knowledge

It was a call payment a year ago and another call . It was an airline , I booked my ticket and paid via phone giving them my details the first time .A year after I did same purchase of ticket and they never sent me a mail to inform me they undercharged . I just felt my bank betrayed me by granting that access without confirming from me. They took my money for no fault of mine but an error on their side and didn’t r think they should inform me. This is an airline I fly frequently .

You don’t seem to understand me. I don’t have a problem paying them.I didn’t expect them to undercharge , if they had told me I would have probably paid since. I have learnt my lessons to check transactions ms not assume merchants know what they are doing.They took the money when at a time it could have been all I had to feed.It was their error not mine so I deaweve to be told before they take the money and my bank ought to protect my account.

This is what shocked me too, how they could have underpaid themselves when it was an online payment. This is why I am worried .

Ok, but it’s nothing to do with monzo, monzo haven’t done anything wrong here. You gave a merchant your details which allows that merchant to charge you accordingly.

If it was an actual airline for a payment a year ago, then have it out with them.

Are you sure it’s not just an adjustment from your recent purchase with them?

eDreams comes to mind, this used to catch loads of people out in a previous workplace. Definitely not fraud just customers signing up and forgetting or not reading the terms properly.

Or some subscription style service that has renewed with the airline if you didn’t cancel it?

Monzo is safe, trusted by over 9 million customers, and a fully licensed UK bank.

This topic will go around in circles therefore better to just take it up with the airline and ask them to explain and refund if it’s their error.