Monzo Annual Report

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So I’m told that doing sneak peeks is the way to beat @hugo in the likes count here, so this’ll be my first! :heart::100::soon:

Every year, we’ll be submitting our financial statements to Companies House. Normally this is a printed document that you send to them directly and your customers never really see it, unless they’re very committed. We wanted to do something more transparent and involve our community, especially those who have invested in us.

So we’ll be publishing our full financial statements online, together with an overview from @tom, and also send it to crowdfunding investors in their first of what will be regular “Investor Updates”. We’re nearly ready with it and just need to get it signed off by a few parties — a big thanks to Gary, @zancler and @Ede for their work on this! Let’s just say that converting long tables from Microsoft Word to HTML hasn’t been especially fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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Excellent work, great to see Monzo following through on transparency. It’s not just about documents being technically available, it’s about making them easy to access and read. :smiley:

Based on the experience, is it the kind of thing you will be able to automate in the future, or is it not worth the tool development time given this is a once-a-year task?

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You could write it in markdown and let the rendering engines do the hard work for you, so you’d write it once and not have to worry about converting word tables to HTML :slight_smile:

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Considering Companies House seems to like PDFs, would it not be better in the future to just write it in HTML and then “Print to PDF”?

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Yep, that’s we’ve done for the final product :slight_smile: But Gary, our CFO, doesn’t write accounts documents in HTML unfortunately!

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So more staff training is called for then? :wink:


Could you have a sign up form for those who pledged too please? We’re just as interested.


or LaTeX…


Can’t you just do word->PDF then PDF->HTML?
Should get it most of the way there

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Cut him some slack, as a fellow accountant he probably finds it frustrating enough having to format the Excel tables in Microsoft Word. :grinning:

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Nice but don’t forget that you have to quote your Company number on the front page of your report for it to be accepted for filing. Digital is great but Companies House have some basic rules that you have to meet when filing your accounts. :slight_smile:

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Good but not really needed for us :blush:


It does seem a bit of a waste of effort when many won’t read it and those who would are just as likely to download it from the Companies House website.

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I disagree, I expect that making it more accessible & readable and also adding the comment from Tom will encourage a lot more people to take a look at it.

Obviously not everyone will & that’s ok :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to reading it too actually. I’m expecting something that is a little easier to follow than the stuff available on Companies House.

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Just to close the loop, Monzo’s Annual Report has now been published, here’s the blog post -

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