Monzo - 2019 - Will it Thrive or Fail?

(James Prince) #21

Yes, you are correct, I am interested in selling my shares. This is for personal reasons and not because I lack faith in the companies ability to perform. As mentioned I really like Monzo and the way it works. I just want for the community to assess certain problems more effectively rather than many individuals just promoting the company as this is not helpful for a company looking to grow and improve.

(Colin Robinson) #22

No, not at all. I was with First Direct for over 25 years and couldn’t wait to get away from having to ring them up to do basic banking.

I went into Monzo knowing full well what their approach was. There is the phone number on the back of the card for urgent enquiries but I find in app chat to be much better as I always have a record of what has been discussed.

Different approach for different folks :wink::+1:

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oh I agree , the company should take the negative comments in the same way as the positive comments and learn from them , as feathers previously mentioned for an individual to expect somebody at Monzo to drop what they are dong for an ad-hoc meeting about possible future careers at their business without any prior notice is in my opinion somewhat hmmm ill thought out - imagine if 1% of customers turned up on Monzo doorstep every week wanting an informal chat with someone without warning or indeed just to chat about specific un announced queries :slight_smile:

(James Prince) #25

Yes, you are right. However, I approached the situation as best as I thought possible. I couldn’t find any contact number to schedule such meeting and I tried contacting fellow employees on various social media platforms. None of this worked so I decided to try and directly contact Monzo at their office, I assumed I was taking the initiative but as I have thought about it then yes there may of been better ways to go about contacting Monzo. But I felt at that time that this was the easiest and most effective way of getting in touch - however, I was wrong and thus learnt from that.

Out of interest. How would you go about seeking contact with a member of the Monzo recruitment team?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #26

I would expect that turning up to any company HQ without an appointment you would get the same reaction. From reading your story it seems that you’ve assumed their HQ to be like a high street bank where you can pop in as a customer for a chat.

Headquarters from my experience are the corporate business side, not customer facing :man_shrugging:

Edit: @Feathers beat me to it. Damn I was far too slow :laughing:

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lol I would ring Tom - whether he answered would be a different question :slight_smile:

no, in all seriousness I would look at the Monzo careers page and apply if there was a role I felt I was suited to and qualified for ???

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #28

Googling it I found their careers page:

(James Prince) #29

I visited the HQ to book an appointment as mentioned previously. However was informed to seeking booking via the Monzo chat helpline which I wasn’t aware of as to how you go about booking appointments as it seemed unusual to me at the time.

Does this add some clarity to your thinking?.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #30

I’d start by looking at

Find a job I’m suited to, and apply for it. You’ll likely be in touch with someone from recruitment at some stage of the process.

(James Prince) #31

Yes, Thank you for you’re response. You are very right and I did visit the careers page however, as they weren’t offering the role I was seeking I wanted to know if they would be offering such a role in the future and this is what I wanted to discuss. Otherwise, yes I would of applied via the careers website.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #32

Then email and ask the question there requesting a reply from someone in recruitment.

(James Prince) #33

Ill give it a shot, thank you.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #34

Sounds like you need to sign up to notifications so as soon as one comes available you can apply.

This is on the careers page:


(James Prince) #35

Lets hope you’re predictions are right :smiley:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #36

I think that might be a waste of time because I would imagine that you will get a generic response along the lines of … “We have no positions available at the moment but keep an eye on our careers page as we will list it here when one does”.

If they needed someone in the next few months they would be advertising already, so they couldn’t in good faith give a date so far in advance. I could be wrong though :no_mouth:

(Nathan) #37

Hi James,

Excuse me if wrong but if my memory serves me correctly you were looking a placement opportunity? I thought a member of staff actually directly responded to you on that thread that currently this wasnt available at the moment?

I dont think this would be a case of being persistant and you will be given one, monzo is extremely transparent and im sure if the opportunity to take on placements was feasible they’d advertise this across many channels :blush:

Again if im wrong apologies for wasting your time, on mobile so difficult to do searchs for your previous posts.

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I had a quick search for you mate. Is this the topic you were referring to?


I think you’re looking for this…

@Avishai from #CoralCrew kindly linked to a similar topic discussed previously…

I’m just here to link you to the posts you’re thinking of, I’m not going to take a view on whether @12jprince approach was right or wrong as it’s off-topic.

I’m sure there would be many many happy faces in the :monzo: office (and community) if @rarther predictions come to fruition! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Monzo seem to have nailed ‘word of mouth’ advocacy and I’m sure there are a great number of people in this community who would testify to the benefits they have reaped from the way Monzo engage with and take feedback from these pages. They truly seem to want to give us ‘what we want’ from a bank and, provided they can continue to do this, whilst working towards a profit-per-customer model, then it’s a sign of great things to come.

A year ago, most people would see my #HotCoral card, and think, “yeah, maybe there’s some merit to it for my holiday spends”, but that would be about it. Now, those same conversations tend to contain more questions from people about what the benefits of having an account are, how often I use it and would I choose them over another provider. Those who were merely inquisitive, or perhaps even a little too scared to make the leap 12+ months ago are now considering signing up now there is a 1m+ customer base and therefore more of an air of ‘safety in numbers’.

It might be a stretch to suggest sign-ups to new banks follows the typical ‘technology’ early-adopters vs laggards model, but if it did, it would be interesting to hypothesise where on the curve :monzo: are right now! What do you think guys, are we still in growth stage, or is the plateau coming?

(Matt) #40

Monzo have done an amazing thing for banking which is make the sleeping beasts wake up and have a need to improve. This has started happening now. You see other banks having the features that Monzo had that nobody else did and they will continue to improve their UX. I’d love monzo to survive and thrive but I don’t think they will.

Sadly i think growth will start to slow down over the next 12-18 months and I don’t think monzo will become profitable.


Looks like our threads crossed as I was hashing out my answer to the main topic :blush: