Moneybox ISA Visibility etc

This could very well be a ludicrous idea and something that isn’t even possible - but would it ever be possible to connect Moneybox ISA’s, H2B accounts etc to be able to view straight within Monzo?

I guess even if it was feasible its more to do with the providers working to allow it?

If they’ve got open banking then at some point they could be added, however I don’t think any of them do, or not the last time i used them anyways. But that’s nearly a year ago now.

Also I don’t think open banking really has made its way to those type of accounts yet, it’s mainly just current accounts, credit card at the moment isn’t it.

Yeah I did wonder that, because on a few of them in the connect accounts tab it says Savings Accounts but I’ve never been able to connect a savings account with any of the banks I’m with, izza shame!

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I too would love this to happen but sadly Moneybox (and others) don’t have APIs for that to work :pensive:

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