Money management apps


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(Andy) #22

Thank you.

(Jack Donovan) #23

For me -

I found YNAB before I realised you could do it on excel - Also it’s multi platform, so you can enter transactions on the go


(but you must agree that your spreadsheet beats Emma, or yolt, or anything along those lines)


Yes definitely for me. I was never terrible with money but did eventually end up having a credit card float each month. You can get a 90 day trial using the link below:

Definitely takes a bit getting used to but there are plenty of help pages and videos.

(Andy Barnes) #25

Thanks for the link. Think I need a new degree to understand what I’m doing here!

Probably better to leave well alone for now and come back to it after pay day :slight_smile: . Does make you yearn for better categories in other apps like Monzo and Emma.

(A) #26

Because I like a money app which is handy to look at and tell how much I have left to spend in a catergory and dont want to do it on a spreadsheet, which I find dull. Like the reports it pulls out and I can see exactly where my money goes because I have to import the receipts as I spend. Helps me spend less, save more, pay off debt. Works for me.


in summary the best overview apps are yolt, emma and money dashboard?



Emma is best I feel as while Yolt works OK any Monzo Pots and Starling Goals are handled better by Emma.

(Sukand ) #29

Have used acemoney - don’t have uk direct bank links but you can download csv convert to qif and import and allows for tracking investments. Does ynab do investments ?

(Kat) #30

If anyone could send me an invite to Emma, I would be extremely grateful.


Her you go

This is a VIP ticket to skip the queue and join Emma!

(Brenda Wong) #32

Weighing in quickly to say I use Plum and Emma - can’t wait for Plum to integrate with Monzo! Think it’s my favourite, plus I love the automatic savings feature Plum has. I accidentally saved £500 in three months with it without doing anything at all, which allowed me to save up for a big chunk of a family holiday :sunny:

(Andy Barnes) #33

Been using YNAB for about a week. Obviously a fair bit of overhead, but haven’t experienced anything like it when trying to manage your money! I’d definitely recommend trying it.


It lessens once you get in the flow. Takes a bit first time to setup categories and get an initial budget going. Now, when payday comes around, it takes me 10-15 minutes to fill in my budget for the month and make any tweaks. After that 1-2 minutes a day to add and check transactions, if that.


YNAB is brilliant, I used it for years! I was terrible with money management before but the act of taking responsibility for inputting all your transactions and assigning out your money, although a pain at first, is truly enlightening once you are in the routine of it. My biggest recommendation would be to not hook up your bank and have the auto import, for me the power came by inputting everything and really having a feel for where my money was going.

Money management is, however, a very personal thing so that may not be what you are looking to achieve but it is worth bearing in mind.

I never upgraded to the online YNAB. After years of using the desktop version I had my workflow perfected and I was set in my ways of working. I liked having the (limited) ability to set future budgets and do some limited forecasting which the online version made very difficult to do. I tried restarting my trial about 5 times for the online version but never loved it. I ended up moving over to Banktivity as it suited my way of money management well, although its quite expensive! :frowning: The only downside is that it is completely Apple only (mobile and desktop) meaning I am very locked in and I cannot find anything cross platform or web based that comes close.

Hopefully this proved helpful to some people, I like to promote YNAB when I can. It helped me so much and the team there are a great bunch as well.

(Andy Barnes) #36

It really is game changing. It’s hard to explain to folks that what’s in your account isn’t just spending money, it’s all assigned jobs. Actually negates the need for all the modern stuff like Pots and Coin Jar.

Other little things help also, like seeing all your bills lined up, you are constantly thinking how you could lower that. I noticed that boiler cover seemed high yesterday. Contacted British Gas and they lowered it by £5. There’s already £60 a year I can budget elsewhere :slight_smile: .


I’m really liking Emma’s new custom tags; it’s great to be able to apply several to one transaction. :nerd_face:

(Karim) #38

Given all the positive feedback I would really like to try Emma (again - I had a quick look when it first launched). My main concern was using Facebook account kit. So reinstalled the app again to check (hope) if other login type was now provided. But no change. This time however I checked a bit more the terms and conditions from account kit. And there is this bit:

What information does Facebook receive when I use Account Kit?
If you use your email address or phone number to log in to an app with Account Kit, Facebook will send you an email or SMS confirmation code that you can use to log in to the app. In addition to receiving your phone number or email address, Facebook also receives information about the device you’re using as well as other information that app developers may choose to share with us in order to use Facebook tools in their apps. Facebook uses all the information it receives to provide and improve its services, including personalising content, tailoring and measuring ads, and providing a safer experience. Please see our Data Policy for more information about the ways Facebook collects, uses and shares information. Please also review the terms and policies of the app that you’re using for additional information about their practices.

(Emphasise is mine)

Can someone detail what information Emma shares with Facebook when using account kit?


(Colin Robinson) #39

One for @edo1493 maybe?

(Edoardo Moreni) #40

We don’t share anything with Facebook. We use the software to verify the phone number and the story ends there.