Mondo with Paper vouchers (Zip-zap machine)

When the flashy futuristic Mondo card :dizzy: meets with the past :hourglass_flowing_sand::radio::crystal_ball:

In Germany many taxi drivers are still using paper vouchers :scream: when you want to pay by card :expressionless::gun:.

They take your card and make a carbon copy of your card numbers, you sign the paper and then they send it to their bank. They are supposed to call the bank before they accept the transaction to request an authorisation but in 99% of the cases, they don’t. ] (

The question is, how do you handle those type of transactions, especially when there are no funds on the card. Would the card still be charged at some point, or would the taxi driver end up being not paid as he decided to live in the past? :mask:

Pretty sure nowadays if a paper voucher doesn’t have prior voice auth then if it declines on processing the merchant loses the money.

This is one of the few types of offline transaction which can still happen.

I would expect this to arrive into your feed as a “delayed transaction”, and would cause negative balance if you have no money.

What if in the meantime, or even before, i have frozen the card? And after a few days i defrost it?

Your card being frozen/defrosted has no impact on offline/delayed transactions. It can only prevent authorizations.

I have a Mæstro card which has the card number printed on instead of embossed so you can only do electronic transactions not manual ones

Sorry to dig up an old thread but… In that case I would flip out or if I new beforehand I would just call an Uber.

Taxi drivers may get with the times! And the lawmakers should force them…