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Never been abroad. I was considering opting for the Manila office but that didn’t pan out :stuck_out_tongue: (re. Job in PMs)

Me and the Mrs have been using Voxi since a bad experience with Three last year when the stopped me roaming in Portugal. Can’t fault Voxi and the signal is reliable and it’s been fine roaming abroad when you apply the Euro Pass.

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And the Voxi refer a friend is now working for me. Just need someone to share my code with haha


Looks like my O2 cooling off period finished, not looking forward to 11% inflation increase and 3.9% RPI increase in April. Think that is what it said in the text I got :frowning:

Edit: it’s 17.3 according to Carlo

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Had an email from EE saying my plan price was increasing by £2.54 a month, my plan which started off at £15, has now gone to £20

On top of that, my travel to the office went from £3.75 a day to £3.95

I don’t know how i’ll live with myself /s

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Just found out that smarty out of bundle balance can’t be used if you don’t have an active bundle, you can’t even call your voicemail if you don’t have an active bundle, pretty shitty.

Can’t call 0800 or 116 numbers either.


In bundle its decent for me and I wouldn’t be out of bundle really as I treat it like a contract so pay it each month.

I switched to Smarty from EE when I realised at Christmas inflation would be 15ish% at the next price rise pushing my contract over £100. I have to say, for £10 a month for 60GB data, its a no brainer in my eyes. Kind of get an okay signal here too.

Apples and oranges. Its what you want, and what you can get in your area.


Pretty close to switching to Smarty after looking at them for ages & being happy with Three etc, in my area. They’ve got an offer of 60GB data for £10 at the moment!

Anyone got any thoughts on Smarty?

If anyone’s a smarty customer, DM me a referral link.

Brother is with them. Loves them. If you’re happy with Three, you’ll be a bit more happier with Smarty tends to be the thinking. Customer service is a bit better, and of course you’ll save money, and keep the same cell service.

I pay £7 at the moment (hugely cheaper with Airtime Rewards - which Smarty isn’t on), for 12GB Data, instead I’ll be paying £10 for 60GB data, seems sensible! :joy:

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If Three works for you, Smarty is better (especially if you travel in the EU).

I’ve DM’d you a referral if you want to use it.

Please PM me that same referral.

I think your DMs might be off. I can’t DM you.