Mobile Phone insurance

Maybe this is too "legacy bit… I’d pay a subscription on a current account for mobile insurance.

Being an app based bank…it feels like it would go together…at least as an option.

Reason this popped into my head was because my phone got stolen while I was in Palma. Nationwide maybe charge too much…but I’m very thankful to them this week :slight_smile:

Anyway just a thought!

In other news Monzo worked great in Spain!

I’d definitely like to be able to access mobile phone insurance through Monzo too but rather than taking a subscription out with Monzo, I expect this is one of the products that you’ll be able to buy through Monzo’s marketplace -

How does that sound?

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That sounds perfect. It’s something I’d use…certainly mobile and travel.

The more I think and use mono the more I wish the current account thing would tick FASTER!

Oh well will see what it’s like in New York next week with what I have :slight_smile:

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I completely agree with this. The reasons why I am still with my legacy bank and haven’t fully transferred my main bank to Monzo are:

  1. I have a linked savings account (which is something Monzo are currently developing)

  2. Ability to pay for added insurance perks. Particularly mobile and travel insurance, both of which would seem to compliment Monzos ethos of being a mobile bank and their free/cheap overseas charges.

What would make Monzo stand out in this department is if users could pick and choose perks which suit them. I don’t drive so my bundled AA breakddown cover is of no use to me. Ideally I would like to pay a smaller monthly fee and only have the mobile and travel insurance.