Mobile networks

I was on Smarty and very happy with it. Got an excellent deal £15 unlimited. Moved over to ID Mobile when they brought out eSim.

When Smarty finally do eSim I will move back.

Highly recommend them.


Thanks for all the info. This looks like a great deal!


Didn’t know IDMobile had eSIM now. Good to know!


I think you do, or used to, have to speak to them for it to be issued though.


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Looking at the site you still need to provide your shipping address, so it seems like they still provide you a physical sim

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Just gone from out of contact ee to voxi 150gb fpr £15 with first month free.

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Yeah you order as normal and ask them to make esim after you have it (only going from comments on isp).

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That is less appealing! Was hoping to order and get it set up straight away :frowning:

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Be the same result as smarty who don’t have esim, but the option is there on receipt of sim.

They might even let you have it as esim as soon as it’s ordered, I’ve no clue though.

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Just got back from spending the week in Cornwall.

Three signal was shockingly bad. To the point where my phone was near useless most of the time. Phone calls were fine but couldn’t get any data.

Luckily I had a cheapo Lebara SIM in my iPad which saved my bacon.

I signed up for a Lyca ESIM online to use as a backup but I never received the email :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

Had to call up and complain. It finally came through today :person_facepalming:.

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You can order the esim at the time you place your order. You don’t need to speak to them to change from a physical card to esim.

At the order page there is a toggle before you submit asking if you want physical or esim.

It then was emailed to be after about 20 mins and then it was live about 30 mins after setup.

It was very easy


Fair enough if they’re doing it properly


Ah that isn’t encouraging! I’ve got a week in Newquay and St Ives in July - coverage map looks ok but who knows how accurate that is.

I am also down in Cornwall in July, we shall see what EE are like down there (I can’t remember who I was with 5 years ago, last time I went)

Penzance may be a shithole, but I go for a reason and Mousehole is lovely

@MalaiseForever We didn’t go to Newquay, but St Ives was hit and miss for us. Same with Lands End, Marazion and Hayle.

@andrew_fishy would have been able to feedback on EE coverage if the stupid Lyca SIM had come in time.

Can definitely recommend Voda though. If it helps, this is Lebara deal I got. Well worth having as a backup for the price.

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that’s 9p cheaper than the one i’m using for the family :frowning:


Ordered eSIM for iD yesterday, it asks you on the signup form.

Sim dropped in my inbox this morning, connected after a few mins.


Yes based on recommendation here. I lasted about 15 days. Generally they’re fine and good value, but It’s Three’s network that did it for me. It’s nowhere near what I was getting from EE. This is between London and Surrey too.
Having multiple bars of signal, but no data connection was a regular occurrence.


But remember “Life needs a big network” not a functional one, just as long as it’s big

If you can’t tell, I dislike Three, Vodafone and o2

Although o2 switch up may get me to go back to o2 (without using the SIM card)