Mobile networks to use Starlink?

SpaceX and T-Mobile team up to use Starlink satellites (

Elon Musk announces Starlink will provide dead-zone coverage for T-Mobile - The Verge

I thought this deserved it’s own thread as this would be BIG if it works the way it should!

no mobile dead spots may be coming


I’m pretty sure everywhere in the UK already has coverage for mobile networks right?

Not really, some places have problems with Mobile and Broadband.

I know as part of a project I am working on at work, we are seeing maximum BB speeds of 4mbps and Mobile is the same, due to distance from Exchanges, cost of putting in backhaul for mobile, and cost of running lines in.

Also Starlink can only provide between 2 and 4Mbps so is no use for Data, and can only handle Voice and SMS nothing else.

Starlink like all Satellite Broadband providers can suffer from Bandwidth and Latency issues, and they are currently struggling to sort out the customer backlog,

Also to note BT along with OneWeb are also looking at this, so their service may come to EE

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We don’t :raising_hand_man: and we’re not way out in the middle of nowhere either.

We rely on wifi calling and our internet (4G) is pulled from an antenna we have installed outside pointing at the (not so near) nearest cell tower.

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It’s a pretty good perk and I would move to T-Mobile or at least have a backup esim that could use this if I lived there for the peace of mind.

Nope. At home we rely on WiFi calls, and bizarrely we can see the masts. R-

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Some of the more rural parts in the UK don’t get mobile signal, the idea behind this is, if your phone can see the sky, you have service, I.e a woodland

It’s only designed at the moment to handle an SMS message

Rumours are that the next iPhone may have the ability to work with this. I think it was first mentioned a while back, but the graphic Apple chose to use for the event teaser with all the stars has got people wondering if that’s what it’s hinting at.

In the UK even when your phone says zero signal, more often that not you will still have access to the SOS network for emergency calls which is essentially every providers masts pooled together if I understand correctly.


This may be a thing this year

Not just mobile networks;

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Last time I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise, I was too young to have a mobile phone, BUT I have seen video’s of cruise ship wifi and out at sea, it’s very expensive and very slow. it’s $15 a day (often enough) for just basic things like WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. no video streaming

(2) Voom Surf + Stream Internet Package Review | Wonder of The Seas Royal Caribbean - YouTube

TL:DW of that video, the speed was 3mbps down… didn’t mention the price though, I assume it was expensive, it is apparently fast enough to stream netflix - but there are 2 packages, one without the ability to video stream and one with


Cruise ship WiFi is slower than a slow thing. Throttled beyond belief, charged at rates beyond belief. Just got back from a cruise around the Canaries. Refused to buy the internet-access. While island hopping, I had 5G mobile, so used mine as a hotspot for the rest of the family. No probs.

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