“Missing authentication token” error

Hello everyone,

I made a purchase and I was asked to verify it in the Monzo app. After typing my pin to confirm the payment a website pops up with the “missing authentication token” error. I’ve tried the Face ID option and I get the same error. I’d appreciate it if someone could help. Thanks!

Was this on Lycamobile by chance? I got the same issue yesterday - payment was taken, but the website error’d out, it’s only pending, so it should drop off

It was on Lebara. I was trying to use the Monzo debit card on the Santander cycle app. Maybe they don’t accept Monzo cards for some reason…The Monzo support team told me to try making the payment on a different browser to my phone in order to keep the payment request open while approving the notification on my phone. At the end I used a different card but you may give it a try.