Metro Bank Down


By 12pm the bank’s Twitter orifice admitted that the wannabe financial heavyweight (which currently has 1,620,000 accounts on its books, according to its 2018 (PDF) report)

Meaning Monzo would now be beating Metro in terms of customers


Maybe because all of Metro’s staff are out doing a charity walk in London?

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Not necessarily. The 1,620,000 figure is as at the end of December 2018, which exceeded Monzo’s 1,322,000 at the time.

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From the way they word their press releases Metro’s numbers appear to include every current, savings, mortgage, credit card, joint and business account as one those 1.6m “accounts”.

If they were really counting users then they would say “we now have 1.6m FANS”, which is how they refer to customers, rather than “we now have 1.6m accounts”.

Therefore they probably only have about 500k users*

*number plucked from thin air for fun