Merchant Data Corrections

It’s not been a priority recently. If you drop me a DM with your email address I’ll take a look into it for you :pray:t3:

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Why are you face-palming? Because he’s right?

I have absolutely no control over whether it’s a priority or not - but I am offering to help, there’s not much else I can do.


I absolutely appreciate that.

But I would still like to know why it would be appropriate for an employee to facepalm at a customer of the company they work for.

Is that not grossly inappropriate?

A customer who changed his words to a different meaning, before you clutch those pearls to dust



Monzo staff interaction on here is a privilege not a right.

By all means, complain about the general policies of the company - but do not take them out on individual staff members.


It was more of a face palm at the whole merchant data situation than a response to anything else. It’s really frustrating for me that it’s such a frustration point for customers.

Unfortunately we’ve got a big backlog of merchant data corrections which has mostly been caused by the fact we’ve had to move the major of our customer service team to areas like disputes because of COVID-19. That was absolutely the right thing to do.

However it also hasn’t been a priority for some time and that frustrates me no end. The internal tooling hasn’t changed since we first started the process and what worked a few years ago doesn’t work as well. For example some of merchant groups have over 180,000 merchants in - its not very easy to handle at scale.

It’s also not an easy problem to solve - crowdfunding would be an ideal solution however if you saw the number of changes which are deliberately changed for nefarious reasons I don’t know how well they would.

It’s one of those little things that makes a big difference to using the Monzo app and I wish we could improve the experience.

We’ve been lucky enough this week that I’ve been able to find time to power through some merchant data - about 2,000 at the last count. I’ll keep doing that whenever I can and I’ll keep bringing it up internally too!

Hopefully we’ll get to a point where I’ll not need to facepalm at merchant data :crossed_fingers:t2:


Cos that’s probably exactly how you feel after someone misquotes you and chooses to wallow in self pity rather than accept your offer of help.


I kinda think this is why you do need to crowdsource. If you had trusted, local editors, we’d be able to sift these out much more easily than someone miles away in monzo HQ.


Do you happen to know if this is something that Monzo simply underestimated the scale of when initially implementing?


I don’t know the answer to that to be honest.

However what we see how is some merchants putting through transactions under a different merchant name nearly every time they process a transaction. Lots of eBay transactions now come through with (and there might be a logic on it that I don’t understand) just a reference number - often with no obvious link to eBay.

This causes several problems - lots of corrections submitted for a merchant which might not be used again, huge merchant groups and sometimes as a COp it isn’t easy to tell whether the merchant suggestion is correct or not!


That might be true.

But imagine being at Barclays and an employee face palmed at you. I would say that almost regardless of context that would lead to a complaint being made.

Dan might be here in his own time, but this forum is essentially bank property, and he’s wearing the bank uniform in form of his badge, so should be held to the same standard.

HOWEVER, I now understand that @Dan5 did not face plam at Simon, but rather at the situation, which I think is a feeling that many here seem to share. Appreciate your more detailed response and explanation, @Dan5

Or, you could end up with two diametrically opposed local editors getting into insanely petty edit wars. :grimacing:

Perhaps it’s a cynical view, but it’s a view that has been strongly informed by my experiences with Wikipedia (over decades) and Genius song lyrics (more recently).

In the context of Monzo, for example, I can see the potential for an edit way between one who sees Apple payments as whatever Apple have them as now because that’s new and current, and one who thinks they should be as iTunes because that’s what they were historically.

And merchants don’t help at all when Uber Eats uses Uber to process payments and vice versa, given there are plenty of customers for who it’s very important to distinguish their Uber (travel) payments from their Uber Eats (eating ‘out’) payments.

Ultimately, this would need someone at Monzo tasked with resolving disputes rather than letting them flipflip back and forth. Which brings us back to the original problem anyway.

tl;dr, crowdsourcing could be an additional resource to aid a solution, but it can’t be a solution in and of itself.


With some many in the log, does it help or hinder when someone reports the same thing multiple times?

Does it move it up a list because it’s got xx,xxx requests to change? Or are they just individual and the next one can be the same as the one you’ve just done?

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Those people need to have a reality check and ask themselves what the real reason is that they’re angry at receiving an emoji :see_no_evil:

For the record, feel free to facepalm me whenever you want @Dan5 - I’m not one of those people who complain at everything and anything :laughing:


My local Premier store has changed terminals so all the many months of submitting merchant correction eventually succeeded with the name, logo and map all lovely and correct is now gone. I know it’s not Monzo’s fault but I know there’s zero point in me sending in the submission. Now all my budgeting is wrong :confused:

I’ve written a little guide tonight for COps on some of the quirks of the merchant review system and there’s a few of us working our way through it when we’ve got a spare moment.

Hopefully this mean some of the changes start flowing through and the accuracy of them improves :slight_smile:


Would you be kind enough to help me with the one I mention above. I use my local shop a lot and as mentioned the data’s all changed and messed up my budgeting. :pray: