Meet Tapas from Customer Operations

It’s @tapas! :tada:


I remember interviewing Tapas last year and being struck by his astonishing level of compassion. Exactly the kind of person we’d want helping our customers.

You’re a star, Tapas - we’re lucky to have you.


@tapas This might interest you:
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I think his hat keeps performing disappearing acts??

I sure tapas was all ready staff year ago

Yeah I have a chat from him in support from circa July 2016

Yep he is :grinning: Been staff while now

I liked you mentioned compassion. I perceived the same from Tapas when I watched the video COps (Customer Operations) Q+A on Youtube.

I really enjoyed these two reflexions about compassion and empathy:

Does Tapas still work here or has he moved on? :thinking:

Monzo legend!

I’m afraid he’s moved on, he left the company earlier this year. However, his impact continues to be felt in the company to this day!