Marcus Bank


Mine arrived in about 10 mins - as it wasn’t instant, I wonder if there is an element of human intervention and that team maybe isn’t as well staffed at the weekend?


Same with my first two. Hopefully it’ll appear by tomorrow morning or I’ll give them a call.


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You should probably do this whether you’ve got loads of money or not - unless you can see into the :crystal_ball:

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I tested it yesterday with £5 transfer from Monzo and it appeared promptly. I don’t think their system requires manual intervention for deposits/withdrawal. Yours is probs just experiencing some lag.

(Nick) #87

Not everyone has mentioned amounts, which makes me wonder if the transfers getting straight through are all low-value transfers, while the ones which haven’t appeared yet are high-value transfers which may require some degree of fraud checking and manual intervention because of that (be it by Goldman or the sending bank).


Define high value?

I’ve transferred a 4 figure sum and it appeared within 10 mins.

(Nick) #89

Ah, interesting. Was it your first transfer or had you done any smaller sums before that?


From memory… I transferred a small amount initially.

Then a couple of larger ones.

All went though within 10 mins - 1 went instantly.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #91

Absolutely. And the ease with which these accounts can be opened, there’s no barrier to getting your cash safe but not locked away.

(Nick) #92

Maybe not amount-related after all, then. But I think I’ll stick with my first guess that where transfers aren’t appearing instantly, one of the two banks involved has flagged it for further fraud checks and as it’s the weekend there may not be staff available to release it until Monday.

Hopefully come Monday @chistery will find their money appears, or that they’re contacted by one or the other of the banks involved to clear it up.


I’ve become very used to seeing money appear instantly in places.

It was a little worrying when it took even 10 mins to show on GS’s website!


Good point though the Marcus site mentions £100k as a single withdrawal transfer limit to protect users’ security against fraud, but I doubt a few grand here and there is going to slow down the process for an account where £250K is the upper limit for the balance.

I think slowness is more to do with the fact it’s a weekend.

(Dave) #95

Transfers of smaller and larger amounts have been taking between a few minutes and 10 minutes for me also. So it seems normal for them.


It’s just taken 30 minutes for my transfer to appear in Marcus.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #97

Yep, similar for me yesterday.

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #98

I transferred the max amount from Monzo (10k) the day Marcus opened last Thursday and scheduled another 10K to go in the next day (Friday) as a scheduled payment and then another 4k manually first thing on Saturday morning. All took about 8-10 minutes to clear and appear in the Marcus account.

(Nick) #99

Finally! My first transfer has appeared; only too 19 hours (give or take) in the end! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Hopefully everyone else who was waiting since yesterday has theirs too now.


Panic over. It’s appeared in the last few hours, though with a date of yesterday,

(Jonathon) #101

Drinks on you!

(MikeF) #102

I’ve opened one for my budgetary savings accounts but, as with others, I’m looking for a joint account for the remainder of our money. Not that there’s much of it.