Manage Tabs Upgrades

Once you move an amount from your main account to a pot, you can’t spend it (without moving it back) - so Left-to-spend at this stage shows only what you have left-to-spend in your main account, minus any other upcoming committed spending that is taken from your main account.

Which is correct - if you move an amount to a Bills pot, or to a pot linked to a VC for the sole purpose of paying bills, then you’ve ringfenced the bill payments and can relax and spend what is left in the main account without any worries of bills not being accounted for.


David ,

Thanks for the reply

I will see what happens when the first payments are taken from the card attached to the pot.

I am trying to avoid the “schedule payment” screen showing doubles of the subscriptions when they are now taken from the pot assigned for payment.


Just noticed that I have the new Manage tab this morning - looks great :slight_smile:

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I think it’s bloody awful.

The two different tabs, feed and manage don’t seem to persist. One day I can be in my main pot and it’s on feed, then it seems to be on manage.

The new way of showing what’s due to come from a pot is just adding another tap. I could select my bills pot and all the scheduled payments were listed below.

Now I have to tap on ‘Upcoming’ to see them.

Extra effort for no reason.