Making reconciliation easier

I use YNAB for budgeting and have difficulties spotting when they both dont reconcile. The issues i see are an easy change which I think would be well received by others.

  1. In the Monzo app, the daily total figure next to the date only shows expenditure and not total movements. The transactions not included in this are Money in and Transfers within Monzo. I imagine this is setup by design with the idea of “This is money you spent today” but i dont find it helpful. I would like that figure to be “This is the movement of your account balance”

  2. the CSV export of the transactions list dont show a running balance, is there a way for this to be implemented to i dont have to calculate a running total?

1, it’s everything isn’t it? Including all pot movements? I’ve just tracked back to find an easy day to calculate and I spent £37.50 on Saturday, but had £7.50 external transfer in, and £27 from a pot, so my total says £10.

2, calculate it yourself and then just paste the transactions over the top of your previous file.

Reconciling budgets is not something Monzo are going to care about or implement, regardless of how “easy” you think it might be. It’s incredibly niche. Monzo will not be “wrong” so you’ll need to work out how to make YNAB match it.

The request for a running balance in the app is now on year 7 and no sign of it