Making Monzo: Pay anyone by text or email

(Sam) #57

I really like that this changes the liability of getting the details correct from the Sender to the Receiver!


I just tried it. It’s pretty cool.

Will be interesting as a marketing tool too to encourage growth.

Some feedback:

  • better intergration with Payees and phone contacts. I was a bit confused why I was authorising a payment when I hadn’t even chosen who I was sending it to. Although I do appreciate the unanchored link it was a bit confusing/unexpected.

  • sending via text could be improved with a shorter url and a redirect. Long URLs with random strings always seem a bit unusual to me.
    An image with the amount, or the amount included in the message would be great too.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #59

Where are you all using it? TestFlight app?


It’s only on the Android beta at the moment I think. Not been pushed to Test flight yet(?). Monzo labs.

(Jai Sullivan) #61

I’m on the latest iOS TestFlight and can’t see it in Labs at the moment.

(Yen Pham) #62

Hi everyone,

This is just an update to say that Pay Anyone has moved into Monzo Labs! As some of you have noticed, it is already available on Android, and will move into iOS later this week.

Our product manager @bruno has posted a detailed update about it here:

We’d love for you to try it out and let us know what you think!

(Sam) #65

It’s now available in test flight! Let’s go!

(Richard Cook) #66

Cross-posting this sneak peek of the cancellation flow from the Labs thread:


I just realised that Bunq released exactly the same feature in beginning of December 2016!

Just wondering if anyone from Monzo took inspiration from them when developing the feature for Monzo.

(Rob) #68

Can’t seem to find pay anyone in the andriod app, the latest update says its been released?

(Michael) #69

Are you in the Beta channel? Think it’ll come to you next week if not

(Rob) #70

Yer, version 2.32.0
Can only see the usual options

(TWM) #71

I’m the same, no sign of it… I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but no joy… :frowning:

(Michael) #72

OK, same here

I see that the option has gone from Monzo Labs

Might be seeing a 2.32.01…

(Adam) #73

I used this once fine, then the one other time I want to use it (today) it’s disappeared :joy:

Guess a mini walk to the cash point it is


Looks like it’s back and now with a cancel button. :+1:

Oh and it now expires in 2 days rather than 7 I think it was.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #75

This awesome feature has officially returned to Android! :sunglasses::boom:

As @redshift has pointed out, it’s got a new and improved expiry time - no money floating around unclaimed for a week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and there’s a super cool cancel button in case you make a mistake or change your mind :smile:

Here’s some screenshots of the new flow on Android :wink:

Some comments / suggestions :eyes:

Displaying available balance on the 2nd screen might be nice :smiley: And I would still love a way to view the link if I forgot to share / copy it the first time :see_no_evil:

I think I’ve found a bug too, if I complete payment and get sent to the ‘share link page’, then hit back and complete payment again… I get two completely separate payment links (I guess they get generated when I tap my finger on the back of my phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: maybe preventing me from going back would be a good idea? :smiley:)

(Joe) #76

Still having people ask if they need to sign up to something and being confused by the pay screen even with the change to have both buttons the same colour :cry:

Seems integral to the functionality that the usability is super easy for anyone to claim the money sent otherwise it won’t get used annoyingly but I do understand that Monzo see it as a big marketing opportunity too.

(Richard Cook) #77

And we’re live! Thanks to everyone who’s followed along and shared their feedback in Monzo Labs!

Please keep giving us your feedback here:

(Richard Cook) closed #78