Make managing credit cards easier

I have credit cards attached to pots. One card attached to Groceries pot, one to Subscriptions etc.

But I would like to merge them into single card (what have the biggest benefit/cashback) but without loosing visibility (and need to use spreadsheet)
It would be great if there would be some way to add virtual Spendings to pot under single DirectDebit, and make monzo add them together and consider it expected value of next payment.
Maybe some way to pull data from Open Banking integration? But manual way would also be fine

Absolutely the best would be turn card added by open banking into virtual Pot, and every time I spent money on groceries with this card, move money from Groceries pot to Cart pot

It’s unlikely the merchant codes are shared through open banking so what you suggest is probably impossible at present

Emma (Budgeting app) somehow manages to figure it out and properly mark card transaction with right category using open banking

I just checked my credit card feed in mozno, and categories are correct