Low Balance Alerts

Hey Team :slight_smile:
Enjoying the card! One thing that would be handy and actually something some high street banks have already :stuck_out_tongue: is if i could set a minimum balance alert, and then get a notification when my balance falls below it?


This would be great! I nearly forgot to top up this month and I didn’t have much left when I finally remembered.


Yes and it saves the embarrassment of having your card declined or going into overdraft, because you’ve forgotten to top up,

I’d also like to request this. I’ve had declined transactions numerous times because of lack of funds so it would be useful to know when I’m running low so I can top up

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Ditto this. Would be great not to have to keep checking I have enough in my account and would help me budget better. Would want the alert to be customisable and easy to change on a regular basis.

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Hopefully this will be something we can achieve using IFTTT

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to expand this possibly a rainy day pot that automatically tops up your current account to a predetermined balance

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I made an IFTTT widget button on my phone homescreen, that moves x amount from a pot, so if i’m ever at the till and have a slight worry I might of not moved enough over I can tap it, then move the leftover back later… Just a suggestion until there’s a built in way to do it.

Great idea! To ifttt

Really clever way of doing this! All to often I’m at the till quickly flying through menus trying to transfer funds from a pot to my account. This would work much quicker!

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One thing I have found helpful (although I’m all too aware people may find it annoying) is that now I have signed up to Plum, I get daily messages of my balance which helps me keep it fresh in my mind.

If you don’t like the idea of the savings side of Plum, you can just turn it off all together

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