Lock in Euro rates?


New to Monzo. Just wondered if you can top up the card with Euro’s from a UK account, to lock in a rate?

I got the card thinking this was possible, however cant see how/if it can be done.


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The card is in GBP only. There are no plans to change that.


You would need to get another sort of card like WeSwap



That’s not quite correct, Monzo will be launching accounts in other currencies (they’re testing EUR & USD at the moment) but only when their international expansion starts, which could be a while yet.

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Hey! It’s not possible on Monzo I’m afraid, using Monzo you will get the precise MasterCard rate at the time of clearance. Revolut allows you to lock in a rate because it has different pots for each currency and you get the interbank rate when moving currencies between pots.

Out of interest why do you want to lock in a rate? Are you an ex Revolut user leaving because of their charges and lack of support? The net difference of currency movement is zero so it seems like a non-offering to me, but something that Revolut have popularised.

For me personally using monzo on holiday means I could be a couple of pounds better off or worse off than if the rate was fixed when I set off for the holiday, which i am indifferent to. I found it slightly annoying with Revolut - before I gave up being a user -to go back to the app and move the euros back to pounds after the holiday, and then you can’t be sure if you’re being charged a spread (without deep research into their policies) because of their weird less-than-transparent policy on (higher) weekend rates.

Hope you enjoy your Monzo card!

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may be, but if you have regular long term commitments in Euro such as rent or mortgage it is better to have the amount fixed than volatile


You could also get on the short list for a Monese EUR account as it looks like Monzo having a EUR account is a year or two behind them



Thanks all. This is the first time ill be taking one of these cards away with me (I prefer cold hard cash). I suppose realistically there ‘should’ only be small fluctuations so the risk is small.

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That’s the thing, unless my budget is so tight that I’d miss out if the rate becomes worse, I save myself the hassle & stick with Monzo.

The rate might get better too :slight_smile:

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