Location-based security - Lending my card to backpacking nephew!

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Thanks Tommy, it’s not really about seeing his usage, and I’m not comfortable having access to anyone’s email.

I was alarmed that he planned to use his Halifax card on his travels, and knowing the crippling fees they charge I looked around for an alternative solution last weekend and found out about Monzo. The geotagging seemed useful to knowing his whereabouts (family concerns) but we’ll work around that.

Once I told him more about Monzo it didn’t take much to convince him to get his own card, which suits me as I’ve grown rather attached to mine!

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For that, there are quite a few geotagging apps for friends&family.
Glympse, Life360 Family Locator, Find My Friends (has some emergency broadcast function and I think it’s standard iOS one too), Connect (a bit more social than just bare bits).
http://www.familyorbit.com/ seems a bit pricey and I didn’t stumble upon this one before in my research, but it seems to combine ios and android on one platform - not sure what other app does that.

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