Linking the Monzo Current Account to Quickbooks

(Jonathan Port) #22

That’s great Hugh, thanks for the info! I’ll make contact with Quickbooks see if that leads anywhere! Thanks again

(Rob Harding) #23

Just on this, is their any other apps like QuickBooks that can integrate Monzo, I have just signed up for QB and was equally frustrated when Monzo didn’t appear.

(Colin Robinson) #24

As @HughWells has pointed out earlier the API is there and it’s just up to other companies to use it?

(William Harrigan) #25

Me too …CSV is not that hard… but linked account would be really cool

(Jonathan Port) #26

Update on contacting QB: sent a direct email and used their support contact form on their website but got no replies.

Maybe someone at monzo could reach out? :pray:t2:

(William Harrigan) #27

I got a reply (2 in fact)… They basically said that they’ll only do it based on high demand… they did say to keep requesting the link… So, let’s keep requesting…

(Angus Chisholm) #28

That’s good to know. Just about every time I log in I request it but was never sure if it counted up the requests or ignored everyone one after my initial request.

(William Harrigan) #29

Yes… I wonder the same… I do it every now and then just in case. I guess if we all ask… we may see some action.