Link overdraft to shareholding

As an idea, maybe part of the risk mitigation for overdrafts could be to take shareholding into consideration. The more shares you hold the bigger the overdraft

… or dare I say it cost reduction in overdraft fees for shareholders?

Just ideas

  • I think income is a better indicator of ability to repay credit, rather than one section of an investment portfolio (would you offer the shares as collateral, and if so - could cash etc also be accepted)
  • You can dare, but I’d ask how that’s “treating us fairly” given the first round was FPTP, the second was a lottery and neither offered that as an incentive.
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Nice to see some debate.

Personally I think assets in place are better guarantee of the ability to repay credit, as indicated by products such as home owner loans and car loans etc.

I’m in two minds about the fundraising, I see it as fair because everyone had the same opportunity to apply (at least in the first round). yes there was a 96 second window, but no one knew that at the time.

As for shareholder perks, that’s just a bit of fun.