Launching early access to travel reports!

(Adam) #23

Confused :hushed: Is it 2 notifications we get or 1? I received the location notification and turned that on. Am I all ready or is there another on its way?

(Will) #24

Hi @ole - sadly it looks like it hasn’t worked. Or at least I don’t see anything different having just made a transaction this morning in :finland:. However I had arrived in the country before I got the location notification and it was only about fraud prevention, didn’t mention travel reports. Is this expected behaviour or a bug?

(George) #25

I am in the same situation, currently away, turned on the location services, no change so far.

I fly back later today but I will be away again at the end of the month so hopefully it kicks in then! :+1:

(Alex Sherwood) #26

The second feed item hasn’t appeared for me yet. I’m still in the UK, going away next week.

(Evan Davis) #27

It will be interesting to see how this works for border hoppers like me. I cross a border at least twice daily.

(ole) #28

Thanks for the feedback! @wjs and @gw7489, if you were already abroad when we turned on travel reports for you, then you would most likely not receive a report for this trip (the algorithm uses your phone’s location and the location of your transactions so it can vary a little depending on whether you share your location.).

(ole) #29

@alexs - have you used your Mondo card after getting back to the UK?

(Alex Sherwood) #30

I haven’t been away yet but I did use my Mondo card yesterday.

(ole) #31

That explains it then :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #32

Not quite :slight_smile: I think the confusion’s because of @tristan’s mention that

when the feature’s activated. But it looks like no one has (apart from the notification asking us to allow Mondo to see our location while we’re not using the app).

Will a feed item be sent to confirm / authorise the activation?

(Tristan Thomas) #33

Sorry for the confusing message—I meant you’ll get the location feed item :slight_smile: Once you’ve got that, we’ve turned on travel reports for you!

(George) #34

Thanks for confirming Ole.

I will look forward to the report next trip! :+1:

(Will) #35

Ah such a shame. It was just yesterday that I entered country 6 of 6 for the year!

Sadly won’t be able to give much useful feedback then :frowning: - sorry!

(Evan Davis) #36

I’ve noticed a slight error when travelling to Gibraltar.

The GIP-GBP rate is actually 1:1.

GIP is a cash only currency (Gibraltar has its own notes & coins which are intermixed with the various GBP notes & coins), and all card transactions are processed in GBP (including ATM transactions when GIP is dispensed).

(Tristan Thomas) #37

@evan we are all now reading about GIP! Very interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

On transactions you make, are you being charged exactly the same in GIP as GBP? I just want to check that Mastercard use a 1:1 rate and then we can manually override the display for Gibraltar :slight_smile:

(Evan Davis) #38

@tristan Yes, I get charged exactly what my receipts says. All card transactions are in GBP as are all bank accounts in Gibraltar. My bank account is with Natwest Offshore. It’s on the UK banking system (Sort Code 60-60-60). I can do Faster Payments, etc to/from UK bank accounts, just like you can between UK accounts.

GIP is just the notes and coins. It’s almost a faux currency. You’ll never find a POS/Debit/Credit card machine that processes transactions in GIP.

Don’t take any GIP back to the UK. They are rarely accepted up there. Swap them back to English notes before you leave. The coins are the same size as British coins, so they’ll work fine in the UK.

(Evan Davis) #39

@tristan here’s what a completed Mondo transaction looks like. As you can see, no conversion was done.

(Tristan Thomas) #40

Perfect, thanks! We’ll manually fix it :slight_smile:

(Evan Davis) #41

@tristan Excellent! :slight_smile: I’ve walked back into Spain now. I assume I need to make a transaction in the country before the app gives me the “Welcome to Spain” message?

(Tristan Thomas) #42

Ha. It should also happen based on your GPS location if you enabled that but not clear on exactly when that happens. @dom might be able to shed more light :slight_smile: