Labs - New Personal Account Views

I was confused about a transaction in my transaction list, but then I noticed it had been refunded - I had previously used Go Back In Time (GBIT) on Curve to switch it from Joint Monzo to Personal Monzo.

With New Personal Account Views enabled in labs, the transaction was shown in white in the list with no +, instead of green and a +. This threw me, as I thought it was a debit not a credit. Going into the detail correctly showed the + next to the amount in green. What also is odd is that usually when I use GBIT I get another transaction for the refund showing in Monzo, not the original transaction being “cancelled”. Is this a new change with Monzo?

If you want the details, the transaction was a purchase on Amazon for £9.15 but in the list it showed as a white 8.30. Roundups were enabled on this joint account to the nearest £1, so this would make sense if refunded as 9.15 −.85 = 8.30.

With the lab disabled, this was correctly shown in green in the list as +8.30.

Not sure how to help with your issue, but what is Go Back In Time and how do you use it with Monzo?? I’m very curious

GBIT is a Curve card option, link both cards through Curve and you can go back and charge the transaction to another card.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I should have said Curve instead of Monzo in regards to Go Back In Time (GBIT) (now edited). Curve is like a front for all of your cards, so you pay with your Curve card and it goes to your active underlying card (e.g. Monzo Personal, Monzo Joint, A.N. Other Bank, Credit Card, etc) and you can also use GBIT to change this later.

I was mainly reporting a bug on New Personal Account Views where a credit was shown as a debit in the list of transactions. Not an issue that needs solving for me as such, but there didn’t seem to be a labs forum for this feature, hence this post.

And the other odd thing was that the original transaction morphed into a refund. Usually in Monzo it would appear as a separate transaction in my experience, for both voided pre-auths and actual refunds, so I wondered if this was a recent change?