Labelling of shared accounts

As part of Monzo plus I like the ability to add other accounts so I can do a lot of banking in one place.
However, I would appreciate a way of labelling them.

I.e I have added my Barclays, joint, savings, and credit card. However they are all just named Barclaycard. The only way I can distinguish between them is the balance. If I happen to know them. Labelling them as such would be a great feature. Much like we can with pots.

Hi. Welcome.

I believe this is down to how the bank name the accounts for Open Banking.

My Lloyds account has a sub-header that says “Credit Card”

That’s a good idea I think.

This is annoying! I just went to test this and added, now it won’t let me add others back.

Just says it took too long and sends me backwards.

I think the OP probably knows this btw, they are suggesting an additional labelling system because the open banking labels are too generic for account aggregation. Just for clarity on the topic.



Probably some rule that you can’t rename them completely, but being able to add something to it would be helpful.

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You can rename them on other account attractors (eg money dashboard) so definitely possible.


And it could be implemented in such a way that it’s always possible to see the original name.