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Another thing with this buy now pay later (especially if used extensively) is that it looks cruddy on your bank statement

If your statements need to be reviewed as part of a finance application I’d tend to avoid it, raises the same eyebrows and necessity to probe as online gambling from my experience of hands on review processes

If you’re loaded and just using it for the hell of it, then no issues I suppose :+1:

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I do still have an Amex, though I want one of those transparent cards too. Amex isn’t interest free, and it’s the interest free system I’m gaming.

1% cashback on transactions doesn’t quite achieve the same financial gain as up to 2% accruing and compounding over a period of up to potentially 3 years in the long run. I don’t have exact numbers, but I did the math back before essentially making my PayPal credit my default online credit card. It Depends how much and how often I’m spending.

I could probably incorporate both for maximum savings, but that’s a little more work than I’m willing to put in, and I have yet to hit the limits on current account interests from doing this.

My approach is easy to manage too, my entire setup is practically automated. Once I make the paypal payment, I transfer the same amount to whichever current account or instant access saver is paying me the most at the time, which is my Virgin money account atm, and paypal will just take the money from that account when it’s due, I can just forget about it.

I agree, I really don’t think these are always bad.

I’ve got my iPhone on finance. I could have bought it outright, but I put the money in a pot and now it comes from there each month and earns me a few pence in the process over the year.


I seem to have (at least temporarily) blacklisted myself with Klarna :upside_down_face:

I’ve only ever used it when buying clothes online, which I’ve done quite a bit over the last year and a half or so. In particular, often try a couple of things/sizes and then return the one(s) I don’t want - so it saves me having to pay upfront and wait for a refund.

Just tried to buy a few t-shirts and some shorts for summer (total value about £40), and was told to “use another method/Klarna wasn’t available for me right now”…something like that. This also happened 1/2 months ago, whenever I last bought something.

The first time I thought maybe it was just temporary and I already had a few things I hadn’t paid off (and had snoozed them so they’d been on there for over a month), so thought perhaps they didn’t want me incurring more until I paid it off. Although we’re still not talking huge sums (maybe close to £100 as I bought a jacket in two sizes before returning one).

But now it’s happened again…seems like they’ve decided they don’t want to lend to me.

Not even a complaint, can ovi use a credit card if I want to try and return before incurring cost, but just interesting that I’ve somehow made myself too risky/unappealing to Klarna lol.

I’m not sure why I was reading it, but Klarna’s incident responses are probably the best I’ve seen from a company.

Klarna just sent me this:

Now, I don’t use Klarna. I don’t care about it. The only reason I have an account is because of Xbox All Access.

So I’ve no interest in doing this stuff. My question is, if I don’t, what will happen to my Xbox All Access subscription? Will it continue until the end of the contract, or will they want the entire balance paying in full?

Should I just pay the remainder off in full now to avoid any potential issues?

Do they not have an FAQ or a contact us button

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There’s a button to contact support in the email, which I’ll do and ask, thanks!

There’s probably an FAQ somewhere, but in all honesty I was lazy and didn’t bother looking! I don’t even have their app installed, nor have I ever even signed into my account, which presumably must exist judging from this email.

The email is genuine though, I’ve checked the headers.

Asserting the email is genuine really isn’t helpful. Take this, for example:

To assure you this request is genuine, this email has been sent from noreply-uk@klarna-fraud-department.org

The people that will fall for scams might be reassured by the email but again it trains customers to accept things they really shouldn’t.

Better text would be “to validate this email, independently navigate to the Klarna website or app, then contact us from there”.


I noticed that too!

If anything statements like that set alarm bells ringing for me, rather than offer any reassurance that it’s genuine!

Atom Bank at one point made a similar error with their email language too, but nipped it in the bud after feedback!

I’ll raise this with Klarna when I contact them as well!