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Klarna have/are launching a physical card which can be used anywhere. Assume it’s just a credit card, as I haven’t applied

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It’s a one time card.

They are also lunching a physical card as well

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The beginning of the end for Tymit? Is there any more info on how it will work?

Ah my bad, I only flicked through and seen other links to other countries.

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Got an email invite for the physical card today. Seems just to be a credit card.


No idea. I’ve applied and got it, can add the card straight to Apple Pay. Seems you have 30 days to pay on all purchases. No mention of credit limits or minimum purchase value.

Soft search done on credit file only as credit karma has just updated.

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No option to pay in 3?

Having a look around, you get a ‘purchase power’ limit. Can pay in instalments according to this, no mention if first instalment comes out straight away.

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When you do end up using it please let me know if the pay in 3 option is there. If so I might ditch Tymit for this