KidsCash and Mondo Alfred (Hackathon)

Just read about Kidscash by @duncang and @kennygrant on the Hackathon blog entry - what a fantastic idea. Does anyone know if this is going to be picked up and run with? This is what I’m looking for!

Mondo for Alfred is another excellent hack. Really hope that @rick manages to clean it up and release as suggested on the blog.

Keep up the great work everyone.


Kids cash is a pretty great concept, if they both don’t continue with it you can be sure someone else will run with a similar idea, but I can see them running with it and expanding its features.

I really hope so - hands up to be first in line to try this if it goes ahead!

Something like this already exists: look at

We got one of these for my 13 years old.

Concept is very similar to the mondo card.

Indeed - I’ve seen that but I’m hoping that the Kidscash will link directly to my Mondo card so I can monitor where the money has been spent / top up etc.

Sorry for the late reply, not sure if Duncan is around so I’ll jump in. I’d love to do this with Mondo for real (and some other related ideas for adults). It’s perfectly doable at present, but I’m not sure how the Mondo staff feel about kids having a Mondo card at the minute, I think it’s limited to adults? I see no reason why this can’t be done by multiple third parties later though, I did like the idea (similar to Osper etc) - a few companies do something similar, but it’s nice to just see significant spending on your own banking app as a feed item, I really liked that approach compared to monitoring their spending separately.

Below are a few things we really would have liked to see when doing the app. Otherwise the API is pretty well suited to this as it is (using feed items to post interesting purchases, or all purchases if you prefer). All that is required is permission to use the card as a child and linking the child and adult account with a suitable web app. Does anyone know current Mondo policy on children? This might be dictated by their current card provider at present, but I’d love to see them loosen the rules later if there is a restriction.

Auto topup

So that you can send your children pocket money on a schedule direct from your Mondo account to theirs.

Real-time transaction auditing

It’d be great to be able to intercept transactions in real-time with webhooks and deny them if they don’t meet our criteria, but this isn’t currently possible with the API. They’d need a performance criteria for third party servers or to do this in house but it’d be amazing for things like controlling kids spending, fraud detection, setting temporary limits on expenditure (in a bar say). All kinds of things would be enabled by that sort of control over spending on a primary account or linked accounts.

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Love these ideas @kennygrant. Really hope that you guys can work with Mondo on this. I guess the Real-time transaction is similar to me authorising apps on my daughters iPad. Let’s me know if you want any support testing this in the future.

Good ideas! I think real-time transaction auditing would be possible but in a more pre-defined way. I remember reading somewhere to get a banking licence you need to process transactions within 100ms, so you couldn’t within that time frame fire off an notification with actions and wait for a response from the phone to authorise it or not, on the other hand though, but you could maybe have a feature within Mondo that would allow for transaction authentication filters - a few examples being turning your account into a whitelist only merchant list so all merchants would have to be added to be used, or a black list to block merchants, no single ATM withdrawal of >£20, no single transaction >£50, only UK merchants … as a few examples.