Kaampus and Monzo

I have recently been receiving several emails from a company called Kaampus, encouraging university societies to sign up for their service which connects companies to societies for sponsorships.
The most recent email mentions Monzo as a potential sponsor, but I can’t find any evidence of this connection online.
Has anyone else heard of this Monzo-Kaampus connection before?

This is the most recent email:

I’ve reached out a couple times, but I’m sure you’re quite busy with more interesting activities so thought it might be worth getting in touch.
Most of our sponsors are looking to get in contact over the next few weeks regarding sponsorship for the next academic year - is this something you’d be interested in?
This year we’re working with companies such as Monzo, Vodafone, Deliveroo, JP Morgan and PwC to offer sponsorship to 100’s of societies across the UK.
Is there anything holding you back from signing up the [Society name removed]?
[Sender name removed]

Just Googled them:

They claim to have 200+ supporters, some more are mentioned on their Facebook page but I too couldn’t find Monzo.

Perhaps it’s one for @cookywook or @simonb to raise with the appropriate team internally to take a look.

I would say it’s from when Monzo were doing on campus marketing a while back

Thanks for raising, folks. There’s not a single mention of their name on our internal Slack, so unless they’ve changed their name we haven’t historically worked with them.

I asked the People team, and they aren’t aware of them either.

@JamesA60 could you please DM with the email address that they sent this from? We will need to get in touch.


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