Junior ISAs/Child Trust Funds


It would be amazing to add Junior ISAs/Child Trust Funds to Monzo in the future, if it’s not being considered already (couldn’t see anything else relating to it in the forums).

My partner is pregnant and we have individual Monzo accounts as well as a joint account, however we’re going to need to open a new one with somebody else in order to create a Junior ISA for when our little one becomes a big one and can access it at 18. Would love for this to be an offering in Monzo so we can keep it all together.

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It looks like they are allowed to manage them, so it sure is something that they hope to do by the looks of it :crossed_fingers:




This would be a great option I have 4 children and being able to use monzo to save for there future would be good

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I don’t have kids, but would definitely want them to be mini Monzo users if I did! Voted. :blush:

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They would be better suited to offer a S&S Junior ISA for the nature of the account… But i wouldn’t wait if you can already open one. You can always transfer if Monzo offer a better option.

I massively agree with this! Imagine all the new parents who either have or are going to have money locked away for many many years. Surely that’s great business for monzo and their balance sheet for not so much work!

Though they would have to be competitive, and having a Santander kids isa and trust - that’s a whole lot more % points than an adult account