Joint account budget showing personal spend

Issue: Joint account showing personal spending - when I look on my current month’s spend on the budget section, I see joint account spending, but any previous months shows my personal spend and not any joint spending

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Do you mean in Trends? You can toggle on/off accounts and I don’t think it keeps it.

So if you had it as Jan - JA & Personal, Feb - Personal, March - JA etc etc, changing it in April won’t change the previous months.

This isn’t a bug, just turn on/off the accounts you wish to include.

Hey - no, not in trends - when I click the pie chart and it shows ‘this period’ then the previous month - ‘this period’ shows our joint account spending but the previous months are from my personal account.

I’ve attached a screen grab. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and the issue remains :frowning:

Ahh well summary is being phased out so even if it is a bug, it won’t be fixed now.

Time to give Trends a try!

I’m having the same issue, and Trends is only showing my personal account information.

Details to reproduce:
iPhone 13 Pro