Japan magstripe


Does anyone know if the ATM’s in Japan use the cards magsrripe?

The magstripe on my card is in pretty poor condition and I am worried that it won’t work.


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Looks like it’s only the very top coat that’s come off. Not sure if that effects performance :man_shrugging:t3:

This may be worth a read to see if any of your questions regarding magstripe in Japan can be answered: 🇯🇵 Monzo in Japan [Discussion]

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If you’re worried that it might not work, or the card is damaged generally, might be worthwhile asking for a new one, just to be on the safe side?


That card looks well used and loved!

I would say same as @Peter_G - if concerned freeze your current card, and request a replacement be sent, or ask via the chat :smiley:

Wouldn’t want to think you get all the way to Japan then have any issues getting your cash out! :slight_smile:


Yeah, it has been well used! I’m flying out tonight so no time for a replacement card. I’ll be taking a couple of other cards with me anyway so I won’t be stuck without cash


Let us know if it works :D,

My mag stripe is also scratched, not to the same extent but I’ve never had an issue :crossed_fingers:

Enjoy your travels!

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The TripAdvisor forum posts is a few years old.

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Card works fine. Atm at airport charged 160 yen. Atm at 7 11 was free.

I needed magstripe quite a bit on my last visit but I’m reliably informed that chip and contactless acceptance has gotten much better in the last ~3 years. :+1:

That being said, next visit I’m still just going to use the Monzo card to top up a Suica card through Apple Pay. :sweat_smile: :penguin:

I haven’t used it in a store yet. I know a few people who have still had to swipe the card for it to work but ATM’s don’t seem to be an issue