Is it actually important to work on a credit score when you turn 18 or not?

Just wondering if its important to start as soon as possible, although I’m not going to mention anything personal. I’ve heard that its probably not necessary immediately but then again, I’m just wanting to know.

Sorry if I’m not making any sense with my post, I’m trying to keep my personal info away from this, so I’m not mentioning anything explicitly (as in it being somewhat obvious) about my info, but just wanting to know for the future.

Don’t fall for all the “get this card, increase your available credit, get another card” malarkey that they try and sell you.

Get a card, any card, then put a shop/petrol on it, but pay it off completely when you get the statement. That’s it.


Always good starting early.
Apply for any credit card but make sure you pay the full balance off every month.
Don’t use more than 30% of your credit limit.
Make sure you’re enrolled on your electoral register. (Council).
Don’t keep applying for lots of credit applications or credit checks in a short period of time (6months between applications).
Keep your bank or credit card for a good number of years as this will ensure you have a good relationship with your credit provider and can show your using your card every month and paying it off in full every month for a number of years. Hope this helps


It’s less about the credit score and more about the credit report. The score is made up by each agency and is only shown to you, what will be important will be contents of your report to prove you can manage borrowing responsibly. As above, a credit card that you use for everyday stuff instead of a debit card and pay off in full is the best way to start, and also something like a mobile phone contract will count.

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This. I never had a credit card until well into my 30s and it’s never caused an issue with anything.

As long as you are responsibly lending; paying off things on time and not over-borrowing it’s probably fine.

Any product that says you should get it to help build a credit score is just that, a product. It exists to purely generate sales for the company in question.


This. Set up a direct debit to do so, even.

Also, you may find that fresh into adulthood it will be difficult to get a credit card. SIM only contracts are also a great way to show that you’re responsible with credit.


A credit card isn’t needed, I was well into my 30s too.
I had a decent report and 1000/999/680(710) before opening the Amex account.

Never missing a payment is key.
Make sure you are on the electoral register.
Keep at least one bank open to build a long history (you can always open more than one)

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It’s important to make sure your credit history is accurate and that when you take out credit that you pay it back on time and that is reflected in history.

As for credit score - forget about it.


If you think you may easily overspend if you have a credit card and might miss payments, then avoid getting a credit card.

Indeed a SIM only contract is a great way to demonstrate your ability to handle credit.

Some phone companies will put a block on additional spending or require upfront payment if you have no credit history.

Credit cards are great for protection if you are buying an expensive item, or if you need to place a deposit on something. But it’s very easy to do more harm than good if you aren’t careful. Try to never spend more than you have in your current account and as others have said, the number (credit score) doesn’t really mean very much.

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this is the BEST and ONLY advice!!

Thanks everyone, I don’t have a lot of income though, although I’m claiming UC soon, but I am still looking for work. Sadly this means I can’t get a credit card (yet), but I’ll have to be patient

But it’s a good thing not to have a credit card!

The only point in life you might want a credit card is when you can always afford to pay the monthly balance in full. It can give protection on large purchases and perks like air miles. But you still need self control you aren’t buying things you can’t afford. For things that are very large purchases a loan would better suited or saving for it if possible.

The aim is not to need to have one so you’re already winning :+1:

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